How to Survive and Thrive in Times of Uncertainty and Chaos-Step 6/7

If you have not been following this seven-part series, 7 tips on surviving and thriving in times of uncertainty and chaos I urge you to catch up now!  (Scroll down for the introduction and steps 1-5 in the series)

Science confirms that you need not be a prisoner of your genes or your experiences, you can become the master of your ship, the captain of your thoughts, the leader in your life because your brain is neuro-plastic; you can re-write default patterns of thinking, communicating and executing.  Yes, you can grow, adapt, evolve and even thrive!  Yes, you can take ten minutes a day to get stronger, happier, powerful and more purposeful!

Step Six is about lighting your fire, inspiring the best in yourself and others when times are tough, or when uncertainty is around the corner.  It is about feeding your mind, your brain, your soul with the intake that inspires, engages and challenges you forward, strengthening your solution focus and positive resolve in these times of turbulence and disruption.

  • It’s about starting the day inspired.  If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, develop a ritual that will infuse you with positivity.  Better yet, develop waking and sleeping rituals that help you tap into your best thoughts and best self. What? Yes, take control by developing personal rituals for starting and ending your day that are empowering.
  • It’s about not allowing yourself to get stuck in negativity or stress, and you can do this very easily by simply thinking of three things you are grateful for.  Yes, we cannot hold thoughts of gratitude and negativity in our head at the same time. If you think I am kidding, think again!   Try thinking of three things you are grateful for the next time you are upset or in a negative mood.
  • It is about finding a way each day to inspire/help another person in ten minutes or less.  How? You can volunteer your time, share a smile, a word or gesture that inspires the best in someone else. In a world that can at times be a jungle, a kind word or gesture can be the biggest gift you can give another person because it may be the spark of humanity that will push them forward!  On a tough day, words of positive advice and encouragement can make a great difference.
  • It’s about taking small consistent steps that lead to big gains. Repetition is the mother of positive change.  Pick a poem, piece of music, section in a book, revisit a memory in your mind’s eye, do something that makes you happy for up to ten minutes a day for the next seven days. Simple, free and available for even the most time-constrained people!

Who am I to talk about surviving and thriving?  What do I know about leadership, business and organizational success, personal development, and resiliency in the face of adversity?  A great deal, more than most because I have gone to the top of the mountain and to the back of the forest; I have been achieved success and I have faced hardship, racism, sexism, poverty, illness, injustice and a litany of other challenges that helped me adapt, evolve and thrive with my head, heart, and soul intact.

This path of greatness and of smallness, of success, and of failure, of joy and of pain, of gain and of loss, of strength and injury, has taught me that faith, hope, courage, humanity, and integrity are the greatest riches and strengths we have.  Will you have the courage to take the road less traveled?  Do you want to be a success statistic or a stress statistic?  Is it time to take back your power to make a difference, your power to live purposefully because whatever you acquire on your journey is on load, but the faith, courage, humanity, and integrity you have championed will be your greatest happiness, your best friend, and your most important legacy.

You CAN discover your treasures, you can move past what is and create what can be in your life and the lives of others, but doing so means seeing your strengths and challenges with new eyes.  Doing so means developing a new perspective that will take you forward faster, smarter and happier than before; a perspective I call 3Q

Can you, will you make a 10 minute a day investment in your best self, your greatest power, your happiest self? Yes, you can and it all starts with YOU.

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