How to Survive and Thrive in Times of Uncertainty and Chaos-Step 7/7

Success is a 3Q equation that starts with simple, free, powerful exercises you can do in as little as ten minutes a day.

Ten minutes a day? Yes, this is not smoke and mirrors advice and while it is inspiring to know that we can grow in ways that help us adapt, evolve and thrive, the most important caveat of this article series is that YOUR future is in YOUR hands. You can choose to invest ten minutes a day in building your most important edge, or you can continue doing as you are doing now and hope that the relentless velocity of change, challenge, competition, and opportunities will slow down.  Please scroll down to see the previous six steps/daily ten minute habits.

Step seven is perhaps the most simple and yet the most challenging of all the steps.

Step seven is dedicating ten minutes a day to believe in yourself, become more self-aware and to feel love and respect for your unique purpose and to explore this purpose and your feelings in ten minutes of journaling. I know it may sound easy, but we are not trained or socialized to think about our greatest purpose, and self-awareness and self-love are often not what we encounter or are encouraged to model. Your purpose counts, each purpose great or small is TITANIC and can change your life and the lives of others in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

Engaging your ability to learn new ways to think, feel, communicate and executive that take you forward smarter, faster and happier is critical. Helping others build their 3Q edge is my calling, my mission. I am dedicated to helping change-makers lead change and as many people as I can build their ultimate advantage. I did not intend to be a trailblazer, I hoped to be an academic, but life took me on a completely different path, a path that has taken every ounce of determination, courage, and faith I have. A path that put everything I believed in valued and had on the line and to the test. A path that caused me to stand up when many would have stood down.

I have worked with and learned from clients at the top of the hierarchy, in the middle and struggling to begin again from near bottom; executives, managers, business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs and people starting life and/or career again achieve breakthrough results by building their 3Q Edge and I hope that you will take ten minutes a day to start developing your edge!  Here are some final words to encourage you forward on your journey!

Be Courageous

The quality of YOUR life, my life, our lives depend upon those who will have the courage and foresight to engage their ability to live, communicate, lead and succeed forward in disruptive and turbulent times; times of uncertainty and chaos. People who refuse to be broken, discouraged, stuck or in constant overdrive. People who realize that there must be, there is a better way to leverage their strengths, talents, and challenges; their greatest purpose, potential, and results.

Dare to Care

I care about our world, I care about our future, I care about the fact that too many talented, even brilliant people are losing ground. I stand behind the breakthrough results, inspiring results of clients ranging from CEO’s, senior managers, professionals, academics, small business owners, entrepreneurs as well as people starting their lives and careers again from the bottom up! 30+ years of breaking through cement ceilings, business barriers and helping to effect positive change in the community at large taught me not stand down in the face of what was difficult or seemed impossible to others, but to stand up in new ways that helped me remove the barriers to my greatest potential, purpose, and results. Standing up provided me with a mission, a calling to help others the same.

Get Re-Inspired by People Who Walk Their Talk

Fill your mind and soul with learning that will not only inspire you but help you think differently by championing and following people in this world who are making a positive difference. Courageous trailblazers and role models I have had the honour of learning from and working with; individuals who not only talk about leadership and transformation but have dedicated their lives to both include John Mattone, author, #1 expert in Intelligent Leadership, #2 Executive Coach whose ILEC certification is brilliant, and was a pivotal and important step in my professional growth, James Strock, reformer, leadership expert and author of my favorite leadership book, Serve to Lead and Jone Bosworth, inCourage Leading, strategic leadership expert, change leader and trailblazer as well as the clients in Canada, USA, UK and Europe who have challenged me, taught me and inspired me forward. Are their more courageous trailblazers out there? Many,  I am putting together a list of my favs, for my post next week.

Take a moment to think about what your life would be like if you lived to purpose.

You CAN make a difference in whatever way you choose, you can re-write default patterns of thinking, communicating or executing, but the power to do so starts with YOUR desire to stand UP rather than standing down. If you want to stand up, let’s stand together, because together we can engage the hope, faith, courage, integrity, and humanity that is our greatest hope for a better future. Our ability to build a community of purpose is not simply the stuff that dreams are made of is it is the stuff that has driven ever positive human step forward. Carpe diem!

©Irene Becker 2017

Can you, will you make a 10 minute a day investment in your best self, your greatest power, your happiest self? Yes, you can and it all starts with YOU.

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