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The author of this list is a remarkable man and leadership expert who should be followed. Wikipedia tells us that James Strock is an American entrepreneur, author, speaker and former senior-level public official.  He is the author of three books on leadership, and a fourth on political reform in the United States.

I want to champion, applaud and thank James Strock  for his work and contribution as a leader, reformer, entrepreneur, and author as well as the esteemed colleagues mentioned in this list for their dedication to a better tomorrow.

 I am republishing James Strock’s 2018 List of Top Leadership Blogs, with his permission, as a service because it is a must read list that I encourage you to read a share with others.

General Leadership

John Baldoni.  At once prolific and practical, with a jeweler’s eye discerning commonalities in all sectors and across time, internationally recognized author and speaker John Baldoni invariably adds value for anyone concerned with 21st-century leadership. He writes regularly for  and appears on videos for Smart Brief. He’s actively engaged in Twitter.

Doug Conant.  The acclaimed former CEO of Campbell Soup Co. is now a bestselling author as well. His insights are invariably valuable. His blogging is occasional; his tweeting is active and engaged.  Twitter.Facebook.

Rebecca Elvy.  Within the mantra of “Leading from Within,” Rebecca Elvy aims to “help frustrated mid-career professionals conquer their fears, regain their conviction, overcome mediocrity and become more than they ever thought possible.” She writes from New Zealand with a universal message far beyond the Antipodes.  Twitter.

Bill George.  Former Medtronic CEO Bill George is an analytic and wide-ranging thinker with a keen vision for 21st-century leadership. His global perspective and focus on increasing American competitiveness are invaluable.  Twitter.Facebook.

Just Coach It.  Irene Becker is a force of nature, a hurricane of inspiration and ideas, free association and constructive creativity. Her varied background and experiences are harnessed to a prodigious work ethic. 3Q Leadership Blog Twitter.Facebook.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter.  Author, consultant, Harvard Business School professor Kanter is a strong presence on the leadership scene. She tweets frequently.  Facebook.

The Leader’s Digest. International executive search consultant, practice leader, business owner and executive coach, Suzi McAlpine writes from New Zealand.  Twitter.Facebook.

The Leadership Challenge.  Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner provide an excellent resources for developing leaders in all settings. They include evergreen articles and extensive social media engagement.  Twitter.Facebook.

LeadershipNow.  Michael McKinney is indefatigable. He’s created a go-to resource for leadership in all aspects, in all fields. Whether you want intellectual stimulation, apt quotations, book reviews or inspiring products, LeadershipNow has them all.  Twitter.Facebook.

Lean In.  Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg has created an outstanding resource in her Lean In site. Working from the concepts from her best-selling book of the same name, she presents a curated source of excellent information from a range of sources. Her focus is on women’s leadership; the principles and issues are of importance to everyone.  Twitter.Facebook.

Andrea Learned.   Personally speaking, there’s a lot to like about Andrea Learned’s project of unifying leadership, sustainability, and social media. Taken together, they’re a gateway into 21st-century leadership.  Twitter.Google+

Nilofer Merchant.  Nilofer Merchant writes from Silicon Valley, seeking to “navigate the social era, powerfully.” Her essays are infrequent and insightful, with emphasis on practical issues of 21st-century leadership, including creating value from diverse teams.  Twitter.Facebook.

Dan Murphy.  Daniel Murphy has dedicated more than three decades to learning and communicating success and leadership principles. His blog is exceptionally wide-ranging and practical. If you’re serious about uniting all aspects of your life into your leadership goals, this site will be in your wheelhouse.  Twitter.

Mike Myatt.  N2Growth founder and chair Mike Myatt is a renowned leadership advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs and their boards of directors. He’s widely regarded as “America’s Top CEO Coach.” You’ll find his insights in many outlets, such as Forbes. He does not post regular blog posts. They are invariably valuable and are collected on his website.  Twitter.Facebook.

Tanveer Naseer.  A notably well-designed blog with wonderful content for anyone in business aspiring to or offering leadership. He’s prolific and meets a high standard, as recognized in numerous honors.  Twitter.

Kate Nasser.  “Smart Sensibilities” and “Modern Leadership” are Kate Nasser’s bywords.  Her focus as the “People Skills Coach” make her a must-read for 21st-century leadership, when relationships are front-and-center.  Twitter.Facebook.

Tom Peters.  If you’re in search of excellence, his blog is a great place to start. And don’t miss him on Twitter. He uses the two in a complementary manner, making memorable use of the 140-character medium in rapid-fire engagements.  Facebook.

Skip Prichard.  Author, businessman and speaker Skip Prichard provides a wealth of resources for all aspects of leaders’ lives and work. He’s a high-value contributor through a range of social media streams, and his website is tailor-made for actionable inspiration.  Twitter.Facebook.

Simon Sinek.  Simon Sinek comprehends that questions can spur transformation. His mantra: Start With Why. In addition to his fine writing and speaking, Sinek offers training via his website.  Twitter.Facebook.

Jesse Lyn Stoner.  Business executive, author and consultant, Jesse Lyn Stoner’s insights are wide-reaching. Her command of business history yields value and perspective in a time of accelerating change.  Twitter.Facebook.

Strategic Leadership Institute.  Manie Bosman offers smart thinking in thought pieces that often meet the standards of articles, yet with the accessibility of posts. He’s particularly active on Twitter.Facebook.

Thin Difference. Jon Mertz and his colleagues are focused on strengthening leadership by bringing various generations together.  Twitter.Facebook.

Vision 2030 : One Million Global Leaders.  Professor M.S. Rao brings a literary sensibility to the arts of leadership. He is noted for an infectious love of learning, and a dedication to ideals of service. He is based in New Delhi.  Twitter.Facebook.

WorqIQ.  Shawn Murphy has created a terrific blog focused directly on 21st-century leadership. The niche is the ever-expanding space where business and humanity intersect.  Twitter.Facebook.


Servant Leadership

Dr. Steve Broe.  Executive coach Steve Broe offers insights at the intersection of theory and practice.  Twitter.Facebook.

Lolly Daskal.  “Lead from Within” is the mantra of Lolly Daskal, who helps leaders achieve and prosper by service.  Twitter.Facebook.

General Leadership.  General Leadership is a resource for servant leaders in all contexts, based on the unique contributions of America’s most trusted leaders: active and retired military officers.  Twitter.Facebook.

Lead Change Group.  Mike Henry Sr. has established a living resource for advancing character-based leadership. It is now a division of Weaving Influence.The Lead Change Group comprises a talented and dedicated network of global participants.  Twitter.Facebook.

Leading with Trust.  Randy Conley, a top executive with the Ken Blanchard Group, applies real-time experience in building trust in the 21st-century workplace. Facebook.

John Maxwell.  His name is synonymous with servant leadership, with character-based leadership, with applying Christian ideals in work and life. If some of his work sounds familiar to you at times, it’s because his influence is so pervasive. His combination of teaching with putting his principles into action is nothing short of remarkable. Twitter.Facebook.

Modern Servant Leader.  Ben Lichtenwalner does an amazing job, bringing together the range of servant leadership resources for the use of anyone anywhere.  Twitter.Facebook.

Mark Sanborn.  Author and speaker Mark Sanborn focuses on real-world applications of the link between love and service and leadership.  Twitter.Facebook.

Paul Sohn.  Paul Sohn strives to make leadership a spiritual practice. His work is extensive, encompassing the range of social media. His focus is on unlocking the potential of twenty-somethings.  Twitter.Facebook.



Mary Jo Asmus.  Former executive, current management consultant Mary Jo Asmus adds great value in focusing on the effective cultivation of relationships in the workplace. Her blog is replete with actionable, down-to-earth content that managers in all types of enterprises can put to immediate use.  Twitter.

Ken Blanchard LeaderChat.  Dr. Ken Blanchard and his team offer an excellent forum to link the theory of leadership into the practice of management.  Twitter.Facebook.

Brain Leaders & Learners.  Dr. Ellen Weber brings psychological research into the workplace in ways that are easy to understand and capable of implementation.  Twitter.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel.  Deloitte consultant and author Hagel presents serious posts, more like articles in their scope and rigor. Their common theme is how management can effectively drive innovation that is at once customer-focused and able to stir and sustain employee passion.  Twitter.Facebook.

Julie Winkle Giulioni.  Actionable insights on management from an experienced corporate executive and trainer.  Twitter.Facebook.

Jeff Haden.  Successfully traversing the minefield of management begins with managing oneself. Jeff Haden is a polymath, able to add insights across the range of challenges of contemporary entrepreneurship.  Twitter.Business Insider.

David Hain.  People and change consultant Hain is notably effective as a curator on ScoopIt! and Twitter.

Hot Mommas Project.  Across the world, women are emerging as a great human resource story of the new century. Founder Kathy Korman Frey spearheads this dynamic group, identifying and fostering new leaders, focusing on real-time management challenges and opportunities.  Twitter.

Kevin Kruse.  Author and speaker Kevin Kruse focuses on creating value through “Wholehearted Leadership for Employee Engagement.”   Twitter.Facebook.

Lucy Kellaway.  The longtime Financial Times columnist has founded, assisting career transitions into teaching. Her curation and observations are invariably trenchant.  Twitter.Podcast.

Let’s Grow Leaders.  Practical, up-to-date management street smarts from Karin Hurt, an experienced executive in a Fortune 15 company.  Twitter.Facebook.

Robert Morris.  Bob Morris is a prolific reviewer of business books, a member of the Hall of Fame. His “Blogging About Business” site is a powerful resource for anyone seeking leadership and excellence in business.  Twitter.


Culture University.  If culture trumps strategy, communication drives culture. Tim Kuppler adds value, using culture to drive workplace change and performance improvement.

Dorie Clark.  Tom Peters saw “Brand You” coming; author and speaker Dorie Clark helps you navigate the new era effectively.  Twitter.Facebook.

Duarte Blog.  Nancy Duarte rocks. Just go to her site. Now.  Twitter.Facebook.

Presentation Zen.  Garr Reynolds does not post routinely. When he does, it’s invariably worth waiting for. Excellent thinking and examples of effective presentations in our digital age.  Twitter.

Branding, Marketing & Sales

Seth Godin.  Everyone is selling something–and everyone can learn from Seth Godin.

Debbie Laskey.  Debbie Laskey owns the intersection of marketing, management, and leadership. She is a gifted writer offering a wealth of insights with erudition and practicality.  Twitter

TrendSight. Marti Barletta is justly known as the world’s foremost expert on marketing to women. Her observations are of great value to anyone in any industry.  Twitter.

We First.  What is the meaning of branding in the 21st century? What’s changed, what’s the same? Simon Manwaring is a creative who creates real-world value.  Twitter.Facebook.

Web Ink Now.  David Meerman Scott offers exceptional insights into branding and marketing, with a special focus on the rise of social media. A must-read.  Twitter.Facebook.


Moving from Me to We.  Author, speaker, consultant Kare Anderson stands apart when it comes to collaboration. She offers insights from a range of experiences, with relevance in all sectors.  Twitter.Facebook.


Social Media, New Media

Chris Brogan.  Chris Brogan is an avatar of social media. In common with Michael Hyatt, he creates value by sharing his personal experiences building his brand, his website, his business. Brogan candidly conveys what he’s learned about what works–and, at least as important, what doesn’t, and why.  Twitter.Facebook.

CopyBlogger.  Are you part of the ever-growing WordPress ecosystem? Brian Clark has built an indispensable set of services based on an all-encompassing insight: social media effectiveness is ultimately built on good content. Day-by-day, CopyBlogger shares tools, inspiration and examples.  Twitter.Google+Podcast.

Moz.  Compelling curation of the best thinking in search engine optimization and content management.  Twitter.Facebook.

ProBlogger.  Darren Rouse was present at the creation of blogging as a foundational aspect of social media. He’s still creating and sharing. His blog touches on issues great and small. It’s enlivened by participation of a dynamic group of contributors and commenters. Like Hyatt and Brogan, he’s visibly successful by putting service to others first, time after time.  Twitter.Facebook.

Quick Sprout. Neil Patel offers actionable information on social media and content management.  Twitter.

Straight Talk.  Ted Rubin is a top social media thinker and strategist. Writes with deft hand, sharp wit.  Twitter.Facebook.


Big Think.  As much as anything, 21st-century leadership is about learning, learning, learning. Big Think brings together top thinkers in various fields, communicating in various media.  Twitter.Facebook.Google+

GigaOm.  Real-time, front-line observer and participant in 21st-century technology disruption breaking through all parts of our lives and work.  Twitter.Facebook.

Character as Competitive Advantage

Daily Good.  “News that Inspires” is their apt byline. Delightful site that aggregates good news from around the world, showcasing effective service in all sectors.  Twitter.Facebook.

Frank Sonnenberg Online. Frank Sonnenberg’s blog focuses on ethics, character, values, and personal responsibility. His advice is practical, actionable, and inspiring. It’s been named one of the “Top 100 Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs.”  TwitterFacebook.  LinkedIn.

Melding of Public, Private, NGO Service

Ethical Corporation.  Excellent blog and weekly compilation of articles, research. Good sense of the evolution and prospects of Corporate Social Responsibility.  Twitter.

Stanford Social Innovation Network.  Compelling bulletins from the ever-shifting borders between private and not-for-profit sectors.  Twitter.Facebook.Google+


bobbie k. carlyle | ‘self-made man’

Work, Life as Art

The Altucher Confidential.  James Altucher brilliantly examines his own life and work with an honesty that uncovers universal aspirations and fears and potential.  Twitter.Facebook.Podcast.

Art of Manliness.  As the name robustly declares, this blog is not for the faint of heart. As it implies, it’s useful for everyone; not only men, but others who must live and work with them. Brett McKay performs a real service.  Twitter.Facebook.

Brain Pickings.  Because language is a living organism and creativity the sum total of our life experience. Maria Popova presents a spectacular panorama of intellectual and literary food for thought. No boundaries, No rules. No telling where she might take you next.  Twitter.Facebook.

Marc and Angel Hack Life.  Marc and Angel Chernoff deliver “practical tips for productive living.”  Twitter.Facebook.Google+

Michael Hyatt.  Michael Hyatt blogs as a “virtual mentor” helping others find their calling and achieve their potential.  Twitter.Facebook.Podcast.

Mind Body Green.  Life and work is built on a foundation of health and wellness. Lots of actionable thoughts here.  Twitter.Facebook.

Justine Musk.  Her subtitle conveys it all: Because You’re a Creative Badass. If creativity is a state of rebellion, Justine Musk is a determined, fearless revolutionary of art and work and life. Her blogging is infrequent and of high quality.  Twitter.Facebook.

Steven Pressfield Online.  Author of The War of Art shares observations and techniques for personal inspiration and evolution.  Twitter.Facebook.

Rebelle Society.  Taking as its credo, Creativity is the greatest form of rebellion, Rebelle Society is “an online hub reporting ideas and acts of creative rebellion and celebrating the Art of Being Alive.”  Twitter.Facebook.

Questions for Living.  The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life. Serve to Lead is a system for living and working built on questions, so perhaps it’s inevitable that this list would end with Questions for Living. Byron Woodman III has conceived and implemented a wonderful series, filled with wisdom about uniting your life and work to create your masterpiece of service.

Penelope Trunk.  Whether she’s creating a book, a business, or a family, Penelope Trunk is fearless in her explorations.  Twitter.

Stay in the know!  If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Strock’s work, you need to read one of my favorite leadership books, Serve to Lead and visit JS’s website to read about his formidable background, work and accomplishments.

Lastly, I want to thank JS, for including me in this formidable list.  I have dedicated my life to helping the 1% of leaders who believe they can build a better world thrive.  I remain committed to championing our ability to learn, communicate, collaborate, life and lead in disruptive times because there is great work, important work to be done!  Click here to download your free 3Q Leadership eBookLeading and Succeeding in Disruptive Times.

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