Rewire Your Brain: Get rid of negative thinking in 10 minutes or less

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Is it time to turn negativity around?  Become energized, empowered and solution focused at the speed of change, in the face of multiple challenges and on those days where the grind and stress are driving you silently crazy? Helping professionals in high stress, high change workplaces and careers minimize stress and optimize talent and success is core to my 3Q workBeat the stress trap.I have done it, my clients do it and you can do it do in less than 10 minutes a dayYes, here come the cool tools (exercises that take ten minutes or less and will help you rewire your brain by getting rid of default patterns of thinking and feeling that are impeding your greatest potential and happiness)

1. Delete:  Delete an energy stealer or inertia builder that is undermining your ability to transform challenges into solutions. Catch your self when you are thinking a negative thought, say stop or next and shift your focus.  Start right now by deleting one negative thought you have or had today that is not taking you forward.

2. Reboot: Stop the blame game,  let go of who did what, or who has what.  Reboot a better perspective by letting go of one thought that is causing you more pain than gain.  Let go, reboot and refocus on a positive goal and intention that takes you forward. The impact of one positive goal and intention is powerful.

3. Upload:  Take 2 minutes a day three times a day to be positive, to let go of any negative thoughts and beliefs. Click on the blue text for a simple,  but powerful exercise you can do almost anywhere.  An exercise that will help you build greater mindfulness, enhanced focus, improved resilience and also improves focus and ideation.

4. Repower: Schedule your day with blank time, time between meetings, time between commitments where you can simply recharge.  Science has documented the powerful benefits of blank time to cognition, health, focus and resiliency.  Diarize your blank time whether it is 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 20 minutes, because giving your brain a rest will only make you think smarter, feel better and increase your focus and effectiveness.

Carpe diem.  Delete-Reboot-Upload-Recharge in as little as 10 minutes a day.  You will be glad you did!
©Irene Becker, 2018






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