3 Success Steps You Need to Take | Read this post in 5 minutes or less

1. Optimize by leading change

Attitude is altitude, and keeping your attitude positive in the face of a myriad of challenges is a learned skill that can change your life. It means developing a critical “Q”  skill I call constructive discontent!  Constructive discontent refers to seeing the problems and challenges with new eyes that turn problems and challenges into friends/positive levers that create the mindset, skillset, and engagement that drives positive change.



2. Humanize by improving communication

The leader who communicates well succeeds well.   Humanizing communication, adapting your words, your tone, your body language for your audience and also learning to respond to feedback in ways that create engagement.  Humanizing communication will also help you build another key leadership competency-enhanced EQ/EI.   (emotional intelligence) that is equally important to wellness and personal success.



3. Monetize by failing forward faster and better than before.

Hone your ability and your people’s ability to fail forward, faster and better. Remember that a whole new mindset will produce new results that help you navigate the turbulence, changes, and challenges of 21st-century business and life with greater dexterity and success.


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Irene Becker | Just Coach