How to Build Your Personal and Business Edge at the Speed of Change – Part 1

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“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”  John Sculley


My passion for the possible evolved over time. Possibility thinking grew as a result of a wicked melange of success, accomplishments and equally great negative events and crises that challenged every aspect of my life and work at a fundamental level. It was at a place of little hope, incredible challenges and adversities that courage was found and insight were discovered.

It is this courage, this insight and this profound belief in the power of our individual and collective potential to build better lives, better organizations and contribute to a better world that has been the fire in my belly since I discovered 3Q strengths, used them and dedicated my life to sharing them with others.

Thinking, Feeling, Communicating and Succeeding at the Speed of Change  The compelling case for 3Q Skills and Leadership

The 3Q Edge™ Cognitive Portfolio
Q1: IQ
Emotional Portfolio
Q2: EQ
Purpose Portfolio
Q3: SQ

Optimizing human potential
 at the speed of change, in the face of challenges.
Learning Style | Ability to Flourish Feeling Style | Ability to Flourish and Reach Past a Personality Type/Barrier Being Style | Ability to Flourish
Empowering Great Leadership Leadership Style |  The leader as a learner Leadership Style |  The leader as a communicator Leadership Style | The Leader as a champion of the greatest good.
Actualizing Great Results Possibility Thinking: Intention, Focus, Adaptability of Thought, Ability to Learn-Relearn, Design Thinking, Strategic Thinking. Emotional Intelligence: Self Awareness, Self-Perception-Perception of Others, Effective Communication, Collaboration, Improved Risk Tolerance, and Resiliency Motivational Anchors Driving Purpose, Values, and Integrity-Purpose.  The identification of your greatest purpose and the key intrinsic motivators that keep you empowered, engaged and moving forward when the going is tough.
Enhanced Thinking, Feeling, Communicating and Doing Awareness, Discovery |
Enriched Thought, Greater ability to see, express and expand possibilities.
Empowerment, Engagement | Enriching Self-awareness, Self-compassion, awareness of others, compassion for others- empathy. Rethinking, rewriting incongruent belief systems (habits of thought) that are impeding your greatest potential while building strong intrinsic motivators.
Simple, powerful 3Q techniques that inspire/empower/enable
your greatest potential.
New ways to Refocus, Repurpose-Repower in disruptive times New ways to Refocus, Repurpose-Repower in disruptive times. New ways to help you Refocus, Repurpose-Repower in disruptive times.


How can you learn more about 3Q skillsDevelop your ability to use or transform changes, challenges, stressors, even failures into a lever for your greatest purpose, potential and success? Browse the blog, send me your questions AND stay tuned for next week’s blog post, Possibility Thinking-5 Steps to a Better, Stronger You! 

Anything else? You Betcha!
Become the Change You Seek in 10 Minutes a Day

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