The Greatness Within

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“Great leadership comes down to only two rules: It’s not about you and it’s only about you.” Peter Anderton

Our potential to be good, do good and share good is as real as our ability to create darkness, chaos, and decline. Human beings need happiness, inspiration, human contact and the feeling that they are contributing to a better today and tomorrow. These needs are written on the walls of our lives, our communities, and our organizations while we suffer from the fear that not only causes our greatest ills, but that incapacities our pre-frontal cortex, reducing the blood flow to that area, and making it difficult to think.

The longer we wait to embrace our humanity, the less time we will have to experience it, and the greater the chance that we will fall into an abyss of negativity, fear, and selfishness that will put our individual and collective survive at risk.  It is the white space, the gaps between our thoughts, our feelings and our actions that give us time to take in where we are and where we really want to go.

Great leadership is not about you and it’s all about you. Embrace your greatest purpose and it will embrace you back. Start now, do one new thing today that is purpose-driven and creates value in the life of another person and they will have the opportunity to pay it forward.

The idea is to live with the purpose, passion and potential that helps you embrace and engage the greatness within. We don’t need to do more, we need to do better.  And doing better can be simple. We can start by reflecting daily on who we are, who we can become because we each have a part to play in creating a better tomorrow. Carpe diem.
© Irene Becker


© Irene Becker, 2019 

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