Become Anti-Fragile in 10 minutes or less a day

Science confirms our ability to succeed at the speed of change, challenges, competition, frustrations, and even failures.  Most of us are so busy doing what we have done before faster than every before although what got us here will NOT take us forward. Our brains are neuro-plastic, that we have the ability to re-write default patterns of thinking, doing, communicating that no longer serve us.  It is the ability to adapt, evolve, communicate, collaborate that has helped homo sapiens survive.

Do you want to develop a NEW relationship with change and challenges that will help you become “anti-fragile”? A new relationship that can help you develop greater empathy, adaptability, cognitive and emotional dexterity? I have been helping clients do just that for over 16 years.  I am dedicated to this purpose, to helping people build their 3Q Edge because it is a passion, calling and a purposeful mission that can help many. It is a perspective, a framework you should consider.

Check out these 3Q COOL TOOLS, simple, effective, FREE and FAST exercises you can do in less than 10 minutes a day.  And, I would suggest to you that spending 10 minutes a day to build your edge may be the most important thing you can do for yourself, those you love, lead and work with.

• Identify the path (walking/driving) you prefer, then take a different one.

• In a similar vein in your personal life, experiment with taking one old habit every week and tossing it out the window or changing it.

down a street you are familiar with and search for something you have never
seen or noticed before.  The results will surprise you!

• Uplift
your posture. There are few more powerful ways to raise and sustain energy than
to ease your posture upward, which frees your breathing and raises your energy

• Stretch
your Strengths by applying them in new ways.

• Try writing
a few sentences in the reverse direction, or with your opposing hand.

• Embrace
new experiences.  Focus on learning from everything! What you focus on
grows, and a positive focus on learning will expand your learning potential.

• Change
at least one routine every day.

• Pause for 10 seconds before you respond.  Taking your ego (need to be validated out of the equation and refocusing on your objective).

• Take
charge of tension by releasing it, fast.  Clench whatever part of your
body is tense, and release it.  Even better, do your whole body-clenching
& releasing.

Do The Pause. Yes, a 2-3 minute
mindfulness exercise that is transformative if practiced regularly

• Sip ice
water. Fluids move hormones into exactly the right places for sustaining
energy, and those same fluids eliminate toxic wastes that can accumulate and
wear you down.

• Move
more. Inactivity is an unnatural state for us, and it limits energy production.

Laugh more, smile more. Laughing gives your brain an aerobic work-out and is an excellent stress reliever and mood booster.  Smiling automatically elevates our mood.

• Keep an
emotional journal that is for your eyes only.  A safe space on paper where
you can write out your deepest emotions, releasing the tension associated with

•Take a 1
minute time out.  Block out all stress or worries.  Think about something
that really makes you happy.  Yes, take a happiness time out!

Try one cool tool for the next 7 days. Share your experience on the blog or write to me at

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