Stand Up for What Can Be

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It is time to stand up for what can be, rather than looking in despair at what is or what was.

It is time to realize that we have the potential to build a better tomorrow, but it is potential that will not be realized without embracing a new mindset, a new focus that allows us to transform what is into what can be.

Will you be a pioneer, a peaceful warrior, a champion who will join me in celebrating a delicate balance between autonomy and collaboration, a new world of working together with purpose, with passion by building what I call 3Q Strengths?

3Q Strengths?  Yes, strengths I built when facing monumental business challenges in an executive career, and personal challenges ranging from illness to tragedy.  Strengths that have helped forward-thinking executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs change their lives and the lives of others. Strengths that have helped me and helped my clients navigate change, difficult challenges, crises and even trauma in ways that drive our best self, best collaboration, best work and most purposeful contribution.

The answers to our problems must reflect strategic thought Q1, emotional dexterity Q2, and the universal values and purpose Q3 that holds our world together. The answers start with developing a relationship with ourselves and with others that builds bridges between what is and what can be; growth mindsets, emotional and cognitive dexterity, and a relentless desire to contribute to be part of a better tomorrow.

What would a better tomorrow look like?
What would happen if you could let go of the cloud of negativity and chaos surrounding us and become relentlessly solution focused because the answers to our problems can be found in the ashes of what has failed. In the synergy that is created when great hearts, minds, and people of courage hold hands and hearts.

Pie in the sky?  Think again. 

Every great movement, every great change, every important learning starts with a dream to do better, to contribute more, and to build a better world. I reach out to you today and always and ask you to dream, to imagine, to visualize what we CAN create and do…together.

Together we can create organizations and communities of purpose founded on transformational thinking, emotional dexterity, and purpose (our 3Q Edge). If you want to lead, if you want to succeed, it is time to know that together we can change the world. 

 Join the fight for a better tomorrow, or face the peril of being mired in a sea of negativity, fear and ego that can attack even the best and brightest among us. We each have a role to play, no matter how small or large, in building a better tomorrow.

Get ready for a weekly 3Q post and inspiring quotes on 3Q Leadership Blog starting next week.  Carpe diem, inspire yourself, and those you lead to dream, to aspire to what we can create.

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