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We are living in chaotic times, and the upside of chaos is of course that it is a state generating new solutions and often incredible answers. The downside of chaos is before us each day; record levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. I focus on helping clients use change as an asset, as a springboard for great personal and business leadership, purpose, communication, collaboration, and success.

There is no doubt that adopting a new mindset = new results, and building a growth mindset is critical. Carol Dweck’s landmark book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success is a must-read. Click here to read Carol Dweck’s Article on Growth Mindset in Harvard Business Review

The first step in building a new relationship with change, a new relationship with the times in which we live starts with focusing on your wins. We are automatically wired to see the negative, and while doing so helped us when we were living in caves, it is now one of the biggest causes of failure. Turn Negativity Around: 3 Simple-Practical-Powerful Ways To Reset The Internal GPS


Take 5-10 minutes every day to notice and acknowledge positive aspects of yourself and your day because doing so is an important self-esteem booster! Start a journal or add these questions to your daily journal.  Great way to wrap up the day!

What is my best achievement of today?

What is a challenge (or challenges) I successfully overcame today?

Today, I had fun when…

I call tools that take 5-10 minutes or less a day and are free, Cool Tools! You may be skeptical, but they do work!
Try this one for a week, and send me your feedback!
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DO you want to turn the tables on stress? Achieve personal and business success at the speed of change? Help your executive team master the soft skills and new mindset that leads to breakthrough results? Reach out and I will reach back! – your catalyst for success at the speed of change

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