The 5 Qualities You Must Have to Practice Successful Leadership and Entrepreneurship

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An entrepreneur is a leader. So, being a successful entrepreneur means being an effective leader. Your idea is yours alone. Others may join your efforts along the way, but it remains your concept, your dream, and your passion.

No matter your experience with launching an idea or business, you likely realize there are prerequisites to every stage. Similarly, certain qualities help ensure long-term success in the areas of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Here are five characteristics that will help you excel in both areas.

Acting Instead of Reacting

You must be able to take the initiative. Consider a CMO resume that requires excellent communication and leadership skills. Some leaders try to take a backseat approach in leading. They focus on correcting and directing instead of being a proactive member of the team.

Instead of waiting for situations to arise that require a defensive approach, stay ahead of the game. Think through as many scenarios as possible and have a plan for each.

Consider the COVID-19 pandemic. Most likely, many companies, new and established, were not prepared for such a large-scale hit on business, production, and human resources. No one could’ve foreseen entirely such a situation. But those with an existing plan for remote work, extended leave, or budget restrictions were more prepared to adapt. The pandemic left their counterparts to scramble for solutions and keep up with a quickly changing business landscape. Remember, you are responsible for the direction of your venture, so it’s up to you to do sufficient preparation.

A proactive approach to your business can also alleviate stress in future uncertain situations. Well-prepared plans can mitigate stress as you’ll have a solution for any problems that arise. In the absence of preparation, you’re more likely to react to circumstances instead of acting. Reacting can lead to added stress and emotionally driven decisions.


Mistakes are bound to happen. Not even the most competent business person will avoid missteps in every situation. You’ll encounter misunderstandings and make errors, but you will also make sound decisions and experience business triumphs. A good leader will look at all instances as an opportunity to learn and grow as a leader.

Introspection allows you to learn from both mistakes and successes. From errors, you can pinpoint actions to avoid and weaknesses to address. From successes, you can determine your strengths and more wisely approach the following situation. As a business owner, when you feel the pressure of conditions beyond your control, focusing on the small, universal lessons is critical.

Self-reflection also allows you to move forward emotionally. It’s easy to dwell too long on both failures and victories. Fixating on failure can influence your strategy and result in overcautious or fearful behavior. Riding the wave of success too long can negatively impact you by leading to prideful or careless decision-making.

Love What You Do

It is entirely possible that you can be a successful entrepreneur without loving what you do – but it’s not likely you’ll be an effective leader. Your passion can inspire others and excite investors to support your ideas. Love for your work will give you the energy and strength to withstand long nights at the office or long seasons of difficulty.

There is nothing you can do to compensate for a lack of passion. The burning desire to see your passion project succeed is a unique quality. There is something powerfully inspiring about a leader who honestly and truly believes in the project. Enthusiasm is contagious, and any worthy task will require motivating energy. Choosing a venture you love will keep you and your team striving for success.

Unshakeable Motivation

The reason or reasons powering your start-up must be unshakeable. Your motivation must withstand the scrutiny of your family and friends, the disdain of your competitors, and the questioning of potential investors. The “why” behind your project will need to be strong enough to oppose mental and emotional stress and exhaustion. Not every enterprise brings such intense feelings, but it’s better to be prepared than caught off guard.

Establish your “why” before difficulty comes. You may not find answers quickly or see financial success as soon as you may like. Things may go wrong before they seem to go right. When you struggle, make sure you can recall your “why.” A clear understanding of your motivations is vital to your stamina. This resilience in the face of uncertainty will inspire your team and be everyone’s unshakeable motivation.

Do What Others Are Not Willing to Do

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Very few would say otherwise.You may find yourself doing things that you never expected or prepared yourself to do at some point. There is some debate on whether leading entrepreneurs are born or made. However, all will face obstacles and decisions that either bring out a deep-seated resilience or resignation.

The time will undoubtedly arise when you’ll have to spend another evening away from your partner or another weekend working. A willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed is what will set you apart from your competition. Whether you work hard or not, your competition will be vying to get ahead.


These five qualities, when possessed or developed, help ensure long-term success in leadership and entrepreneurship. Without these qualities, the journey can prove much more difficult. However, the determination to bring an idea into reality is a good starting point. And you can strengthen these qualities. Times are always uncertain and unpredictable. But don’t let fear deter you from positively impacting the business world as a successful leader and entrepreneur.

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