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Discover What YOU Need to Lead and Succeed in Disruptive Times.

Build 3 Essential Strengths That GROW at the Speed of Change/Challenges!

“If you’re interested in smart leadership, strategic thought and smart results, follow Irene Becker.
She is a role model who should be followed even by the most reluctant.”

Professor Calestous Juma, Kennedy School, Harvard University, Boston, USA

The imperative to find new, better and faster ways to lead and succeed at the speed of change, in the face of challenges, stressors and ambiguity has never been greater.

Answering this call is what this e-Book is all about; three strengths, 3Q skills can help you, help your people make the critical shift from now to HOW.

“Irene is a nearly unstoppable force for the Human Side of Business.
Her 3Q and REACH models are nothing short of brilliant.”

Ted Coine, Co-CEO Switch & Shift, USA

YOU have IQ, EQ…What is 3Q and why do YOU need it?

  • Do you want to learn about YOUR 3Q Edge™- Discover 3 essentials skills/strengths that can help you optimize YOUR greatest potential and results at the speed of change/challenges?
  • Do you want to enhance ideation, focus, integrative/strategic thought?
  • Do you want to enhance your ability to communicate, collaborate and LEAD in the face of internal/external barriers?
  • Are you ready to realize YOUR potential to achieve improved results in your work, your leadership….your life?
  • Are you ready to discover 3 essential leadership and life strengths that GROW at the speed of change/challenges (even stressors and failures)?

“Incredible! Her 3Q Edge™ program accelerates success, and helps people get results well beyond what they imagined. She is enthusiastic, creative, and puts her all into everything she does. I highly recommend Irene as a coach, a business woman, and someone you will want to know and work with.”

Susan Bagyura, Author of the Amazon Bestseller, The Visionary Leader

Discover quick, practical 3Q tools and exercises that are simple and take 3 minutes or less.

Tools you can use almost any where in a matter of minutes to build YOUR 3Q Edge™. Enjoy this e-Book, browse the chapters, read what speaks to your challenges and interests.

“I feel privileged to have Irene as a coach and recommend her for 3Q Leadership™ and business development-brilliant!”

Donya Germain, Director of Consumer Research ACCE  International, Toronto, Canada

Get inspired by what YOU can do and achieve at the speed of change, challenges and ambiguity!

Are you ready to…

  • Realize and actualize YOUR ability to see the changes and challenges you face with new eyes that take you forward smarter and faster?
  • Develop a perspective that enhances cognitive, emotional and social adaptability while entrenching the values, the integrity of thought, communication and action that can help you survive and thrive?
  • Enhance resiliency, empowerment, engagement and results faster and better than before?
  • Hone your ability to learn/relearn faster and better than before?

“Follow Irene Becker for her insights into what it takes to lead at the very top.”

John Baldoni, Bestselling Leadership Author, Expert and Executive Coach, USA

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