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Strategically Approaching Employee Engagement

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Post Views = 1862Keeping employees engaged is a top priority in many businesses, but somehow the efforts are falling short. Worldwide, only 15% of employees are actively engaged in their work. Additionally, 63.3% of American companies say that retaining employees is harder than hiring them. What’s going wrong? All the work that companies put into […]

12 Ways to Turn Overwhelm Around

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Post Views = 2318We are living in a time of overwhelm. We have all felt it, many of us deal with it on a consistent basis, and it erodes our potential, our results, and our happiness on a multiplicity of levels. Let’s take a look at what happens when we are stressed or overwhelmed. The […]

Cool Tool-5 min. success step

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Post Views = 761We are living in chaotic times, and the upside of chaos is of course that it is a state generating new solutions and often incredible answers. The downside of chaos is before us each day; record levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. I focus on helping clients use change as an asset, […]