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The Importance of Talent Development for a Well-Rounded Company Culture

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Post Views = 927When it comes to the relationship between talent development and a well-rounded company culture, each makes the other possible. Without the ability to develop talent in your workforce, your company culture suffers. Without a well-rounded company culture, your ability to develop talent is minimal. Your company culture should empower employees to learn […]

Nudge Strategies for Leadership Development

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Post Views = 1219Companies spend nearly $3.4 billion every year for turning their managers into leaders – and yet research studies have shown that 50% to 60% of managers fail to execute the strategies that they were hired to implement even after 18 months of taking up the job. And it is not because they lack […]

How Employee Retention Can Help You Win the War for Talent

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Post Views = 921Employees are the core part of every team, and they are essential to survive in such a competitive market. Thus as an employer, you should have a quality team to stay with you to progress more. Your employee retention strategy should be robust, which leads to employee satisfaction. An open mind and […]