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Leadership Skills Every CTO Needs to Have

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Post Views = 1058The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has reshaped technology leadership, particularly when it comes to the chief technology officer (CTO) role. Today, CTOs are expected to drive businesses’ tech strategies and R&D and understand cybersecurity, coding, and other topics relating to the digital world.  In addition, companies increasingly want agile and kinetic technology leaders, […]

The Secret to Success Mini-Habits by Stephen Guise

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Post Views = 1161Habit formation, positive behavior, neuroplasticity, productivity, focus, attitude, results, goals.Source:  Mini Habits by Stephen Guise | selfgrowth.com Mini Habits it is a must read book that explains how we can change habits of thinking and doing, how we can basically rewrite our software and reboot better results. Neuroplasticity has been confirmed by […]