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Coaching, Training, Consulting & Inspiring,with a 3Q Edge™

Members of my executive team were struggling to find their fit, and it became apparent that I couldn’t figure out the gaps in communication alone– Irene rapidly changed the dynamic, and helped our group change habits, recognize success, and reinvest in each other.

Irene’s enthusiasm, directness, and compassionate humor helped myself and members of our group talk with instead of past each other. Further, her ability to connect with our existing management resources and touchstones in a meaningful way made Irene’s efforts feel particularly tailored and quickly effective.

If your company’s leadership needs to turn down the temperature and turn up the results, Irene is the coach facilitator you need.

-Nolan T. Jones

CEO & Co-Founder


If you’re interested in smart leadership, strategic thought and smart results, follow Irene Becker. She is a role model who should be followed by even the most reluctant.

Professor Calestous Juma

Kennedy School

Harvard University


Irene is a nearly-unstoppable force for The Human Side of Business. Her 3Q and REACH models are nothing short of brilliant. I would recommend Irene to any company or leader looking to make the shift from business-as-usual to something vastly more rewarding.

Ted Coine

Business Dynamo

Co-Ceo Switch and Shift

Author of Return on Morale

I feel privileged to have Irene as a coach and recommend her for 3Q Leadership and business development-brilliant!

Donya Germain

Director of Consumer Research ACCE International


Her personality attributes, non-judgment open demeanour, creativity and visionary talents to see what we don’t see about ourselves is key to how she works with you – on an individual basis or in group format.

Dr. Michel Rice

Director Ontario Medical Research Group

Irene Becker is a force of nature, a hurricane of inspiration and ideas, free association and constructive creativity. Her varied background and experiences are harnessed to a prodigious work ethic.

James Strock

Leadership, Governance and Sustainability Expert

Author of many books, including, Serve To Lead

Just teach it. Just learn it. Just be the best.

Just Coach It-Irene Becker makes us all smarter and better.

John Nosta

Top Health and Technology Innovator

You could never find a better advocate for yourself. It is difficult to imagine how there could be anywhere in the world a better success coach than Irene Becker. She is worth 14 therapists, and yet is not a therapist. She deals with your own raw talent and helps you focus it in the direction where it will be maximally effective.

Richard Rotman

Professor of Media Relations, Humber College

Founder, PR Writer Extraordinaire, Toronto

She’s unique among executive coaches. Irene Becker was instrumental in helping me successfully navigate a crucial period in my career-one where I was able take a formidable leap. I deeply value my sessions with her. I recommend her highly to those who want to unleash their best selves to the world.

Wahn Yoon

Senior Strategist



Extraordinary. She has an uncanny ability to diagnose the issue, prescribe the proper treatment and see you through whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals. You won’t find a better person and coach … anywhere!

Todd Rhoad

Engineer, MBA, Career Expert

Author of the book, The Blitz Approach, USA

Six months after working with Irene I was promoted from a middle management position to the C suite, increased my income substantially, and my business and personal relationships have never been better. Thanks, Irene, you are terrific!


Senior VP

HR Houston, USA

I can attest to Irene’s knowledge and her ability to present on matters of change management and in collaboration with partners towards success in skills training and execution. She is a ready participant and an active listener, able to reach out to a group or individual as she demonstrates the value of her skill as a leader, a mentor and a coach. Not only able to lead a group or session with you in mind, she also instills the leadership capabilities that allow you to take the next step, to move forward, to succeed. Thanks, Irene.

Jerry Sheremata

Category Manager

Royal Bank of Canada Procurement


Irene is one of the top life, leadership and success coaches. She has the tools and the ability for the 21st century to ease your stress and help you achieve your all your goals.

Ed Kleinman

Sales Leadership Expert

Objective Management


Irene is an exceptional coach whose dedication and expertise in career marketing and management, personal branding, communication, leadership and EQ/EI are outstanding. Irene is my coach and I recommend her services to anyone who wants to achieve success at the speed of change!

Eldar Mandil

General Manager


Newmarket, Canada

I recommend her services highly. Irene has consistently displayed dedication, compassion and tireless effort on my behalf as I sought to rebrand myself during a tough economy. Irene’s well honed career marketing, personal branding and management strengths resulted in a solid marketing campaign with my own unique brand, thereby providing a strong positioning in the market place rendering positive results. Without her support, guidance, knowledge and dedication this would not have been possible.



Information Technology


The world needs people of uncommon courage, uncommon leadership, Irene is one of these. I can say without any reservation that any client of Irene’s will dramatically improve their effectiveness as a leader. Her humanness and empathy are such powerful skills, I know you will benefit significantly from having her as your coach and I encourage you to give her a call.

Ron Hurst, MBA

Leadership Coach


Irene gives me the coaching excellence I need to achieve greater passion, purpose, potential and success in my life and career.

Milton E. Fletcher

President of Great Minds Incorporated

Professor of Business, Spring Arbor University

Former Manager of Global HR, General Motors,


Incredible! Her 3Q™ program accelerates success, and helps people get results well beyond what they imagined. She is enthusiastic, creative, and puts her all into everything she does. I highly recommend Irene as a coach, a business woman, and someone you will want to know and work with.

Susan Bagyura

Author of the Amazon Bestseller, The Visionary Leader

Irene is one of a kind. She has truly been amazing since taking over my career campaign. The excellence and confidentiality of her work has helped me move forward faster and better, and I am now negotiating an offer as VP operations. She is absolutely motivating, and has brought a greater level of focus in defining a clear road map for me over the months that lie ahead. She is tireless, and I feel as though she is as fully committed to my personal success as I am.


Director Operations


It’s the small companies like Just Coach It that are leading the way, and Irene Becker is one of the finest runners in the race. She is a highly evolved human being. Her coaching capabilities are peerless, and she knows how to guide people into a way of thinking that brings back their inner smile.

Leon Benjamin

CRM Expert

Author of Winning by Sharing


It is a pleasure to recommend Irene. She has been an incredibly positive influence for my career advancement, and finding a new position. She has not only provided the appropriate framework and approach, but also she helped me realize what my long term goal is and what are the correct steps to achieve this.


Senior Account Manager


Inspiring, Insightful Keynotes & Webinars

I had the pleasure of listening to Irene speak at the PMI Symposium. Her knowledge and passion on the subject of 3Q Edge and how it is key to business success was evident. She had many points that I resonated with. Her focus on the positive aspects of business was refreshing. She is endearing, knowledgeable and engaging. She even got 300 PMPs to roar at the end of her Keynote … Fabulous!

Adriana Girdler, PMP

President, Cornerstone Dynamics

Irene Becker is an OUTSTANDING keynote speaker! Irene’s first-rate presentation at the Joint Canadian Institute of Management Dinner Meeting provided several key management tips that will help us lead more effectively. The capacity crowd was treated to a highly energized and valuable speech on “Stop Rework. End Overdrive or Stasis. Re-charge, Re-focus, Re-power”, If you want your next event to be a huge success, hire Irene Becker!

Phil Russo


Canadian Institute of Management


I found Irene to be an excellent facilitator because she embodies that charismatic, value driven leadership that is so rare and unique.

Salimah Bhanjee

IQ Partners Inc.


Wow, you are a brilliant speaker! I think my daughter Trish summed it all up when she said that she “envisions herself as a speaker like you” when she gets older. We were both really impressed. I wish we could attend more of your talks and courses. Sincere thanks, Irene.

Pat Sheridan


NTI Consulting Inc


Effective presentation skills are for Irene a natural talent! Her ability to quickly relate to her audience and to make a personal contact with them was delightful to observe! I have had the opportunity to hear many presenters and I am always pleased when I see someone who has an admirable delivery and an obvious propensity for relating to clients and satisfying their needs.

Sharon Morgan

Human Resources and Development Canada


Irene, you are certainly one of the stars. Best wishes with your proposal to NCCAE and with all your other endeavours. You’re doing great!

Will Craig

Former President

International Coach Federation

President and Founder

Coach Training Alliance