Career Self Assessment

Career Self-Assessment
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• What are my financial and personal criteria for my next position?

• What are my short term and long term goals?

• What are my motivating skills, interests and values?

• What new learning do I want to acquire?

• Which work environments and roles most suit me?

Exploring This Information

• Have I listed my work role and work environment preferences and my
reasons for them?

• Are these preferences compatible with my lifestyle needs?

• What are my greatest career strengths?

• What perceived barriers/constraints am I facing at this point?

Exploring Opportunities

• What work-life/career options are available to me?

• What do I really want to achieve?

Career Self Assessment, Page 2,

Next Steps
• What do I need now?

• How should I market myself? (i.e. what marketing tools do I need:
bio, resume, proposal, cover letters)

• Do my interviewing and negotiating skills need improving?

• Would I benefit from an assessment of career strengths, emotional
intelligence, communication, stress, resiliency,
personality/behaviour, leadership strengths?

• Will I benefit from coaching support after I take my next position?

Auditing My Career Path

• Have my career expectations been met in the past?

• What have been the results and benefits to me?

• What have been my greatest accomplishments?

• What have been my greatest challenges?

• I learned about myself?

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Helping Smart People Work, Lead,Communicate Smarter and Happier in High Stress, High Change Environments

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