Dance With Your Dreams-A Five Minute Solution

Take Five Minutes To Dance With Your Dreams
by Irene Becker

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

Take five important minutes today to dance with your dreams.
Dreams, the pixie dust, the magic, the imagination that propelled us through space and time as children when our dreams danced in our heads and our hearts before the music stopped.

No matter what type of change, challenge or obstacle we face in life or business, the genesis for powerful solutions and strategies starts in our heads.  And when we have lost the ability to dream, to imagine, to take a five or ten minute respite from the responsibilities and rigors of our adult lives to enjoy a flight of fantasy; we may achieve short term results but long term gain will elude us.  Success requires a leap of faith, a flight of imagination that can transform changes, challenges and obstacles into opportunities.

We need to dance with our dreams because before we can prepare the soil and fertilize it with our best thoughts.  Our greatest power to create solutions and strategies for personal and business success can only be reached when we have the courage to transcend what is by learning to dance with what could be.

Step out of the box this week.  Spend five minutes each day with eyes closed and imagination open.  Dance with your dreams and find out that they may take you on a new journey that refreshes your mind, engages your heart and kick starts a new sense of creativity and joy.

Irene Becker

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