Get Energized, Empowered & Solution Focused-Three Steps

Get Energized, Empowered and Solution Focused-Three Simple Steps

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We inherit negative beliefs, we are taught negative beliefs, we create negative beliefs, and sometimes we just pick up negative beliefs from the good opinion of others or the plethora of fear based negative news that surrounds us.  Negative beliefs build our BOX. Is it time to get out of the box?  Turn negativity around?  Become energized, empowered and solution focused?

Here are three simple, but powerful steps:

Delete:  Delete a joy sapper, the energy stealer or inertia builder that is undermining your ability to transform challenges into solutions. Start right now by deleting one negative thought  that is not taking you forward.

Reboot: Stop the blame game,  let go of who did what, of who has what.  Reboot a better perspective by letting go of one thought that is causing you more pain than gain.

Upload:  Take 2 minutes a day to be positive, to let go of any negative thoughts and beliefs.  Take positivity breaks throughout your day and reset your brain to be more positive, your thoughts to be solution focused, your ability to find happiness amid stress or challenges to be real.

© Irene Becker

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