Free Leadership Summit- Crack the Leadership Code & 1250 bonus articles/links

FREE Leadership Summit-Crack the Leadership Code & 1250 bonus articles (Scroll to the bottom of this page for article links & free subscription)

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Leadership WORDLEI never promote conferences or series on my blog-this is the exception because I am sharing a free valuable event you can attend  where you are!  Crack the Leadership Code hosted executive coach and organizational psychologist, Dr. Michelle Pizer, is a virtual event, a series of conversations with thought leaders is an exception because it is a valuable and FREE way to learn from leadership experts and thought leaders including : Jim Kouzes, Les McKeown, David Grossman, Kevin Eikenberry, Jodi Womack..  I am delighted to also be presenting at Crack the Leadership Code Summit, and thank Dr. Pizer for organizing this valuable initiative.

Here are just some of the important topics/takeaways from the summit running from July 21, 2014 for 21 days with 21 speakers!

        • Using change, challenges, stressors to optimize empowerment, engagement, potential and achieve results-Yes, I am speaking on building
          YOUR 3Q Edge™ (IQ-EQ-SQ)
        • Critical communication skills
        • How to build trust and credibility
        • Confidence and capability for rising women leaders
        • Work/life balance
        • Productivity and smart networking
        • Conversational intelligence
        • Finding your charisma and connecting with your audience
        • Executive style
        • How to cultivate talent in a changing business environment
        • Crafting the right story
        • How to cultivate talent in a changing business environment

Click here to reserve your seat!  I would welcome the opportunity to hear how you enjoyed the Summit through my blog or by email


More on Great Leadership in Disruptive Times?  YOU Betcha 1250 Bonus Links!  Excellent Compendiums of articles by a wide variety of experts that you can browse and to subscribe to for free (justcoachit on Pinterest!)

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A Growing Collection of over 250 Articles  | Business at the Speed of Change
A Growing Collection of over 650 Articles  |  HR, Teamwork, Career, Talent Optimization

More?  Just one more thing!  Delighted to be speaking in the UK October 3, 2014 

British FlagIf you are in the London, UK area I hope you will join me for an Elysian Training Leadership Event and Presentation on How to Lead Through Turbulent Times


Are YOU Ready to…

Get re-inspired by what you can achieve at the speed of change/challenges? Recharge, refocus, repurpose, repower?  Develop leadership skills that GROW at the speed of change?

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