The Power of What | Short Post & Ten Inspiring Links!

The Power of WHAT…
One Short Post & Ten Inspiring Links!

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Conciousness, perception is everything. Attitude is altitude. The secret to success does not start with the how, or the why or the where…it start with the what.

What can I focus on that will empower and nourish me?

What can I do to share and create value for others?

What can I do to make sure that my decisions are in alignment with my best self, my highest values and the greatest good?

Every time we ask WHAT, we win a war

Yes, we win a war with our desire to seek validation from people or things; and in so doing we find greater purpose, power and a sense of personal freedom.  Every time we ask WHAT and focus on how we can give, contribute and share we plant the seeds for a better life; and, every seed planted contributes to a better world in ways we cannot even begin to imagine.   © Irene Becker 2012. All Rights Reserved


More? Yes…  

You  can read my story and get re-inspired, because its message of hope, courage, leadership belongs to us all.  We all face changes, challenges and gut wrenching problems that stretch us; and, yet the ability to move through and past them better, stronger and with our purpose and values in tact is real!  Our ability to build our Q skills, to reset default patterns of thinking, doing, communicating that no longer work for is is what living and leading to purpose is all about!


Dare-Dream-Do by Whitney Johnson | Gr8 Read Excerpt and Review

Possibility Thinking

The Wisdom and Power of Your Dreams

The Reach and Resonance of the Human Heart

Ten Steps to a Happier More Successful YOU

Rediscover YOUR Fire

True Power-True Happiness

PMS – Post-Millennial Syndrome and 6 Ways to Get Rid of It!

Be the Miracle


Helping smart people and organizations communicate and lead forward
smarter, faster and happier is what I do best . Executive coaching, consulting, keynotes and articles with a 3Q Edge
for greater reach, resonance and results!


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