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PsyBlog recently shared 20 Everyday Activities That Keep Memory and Thinking Sharp  If you have not read the post, it is a worthy read in that it details simple ways to stay sharp that are centered around crafts, artistic activities and socializing. Yes, that’s right you can enhance your memory and develop sharp thinking by engaging in activities that are FUN.


Getting smarter, happier and taking control of your timeWhat did you accomplish yesterday?  Did your accomplishments include an activity that fed your imagination, your emotions and brought a smile to your face?  Why is cultivating your imagination, your emotional wellbeing and your sense of happiness important?
1.  Health
2.  Cognitive ability
3.  Emotional well-being/resiliency
4.  Productivity-yes being happier increases productivity

How much time did you waste yesterday locked in a battle of frustration or stress that sucked your energy, limited your productivity? The imperative to start one’s day with not only goals, but intentions that take us forward is critical.  Time spent organizing your thoughts, your intentions and resetting your attitude so that you are prepared to seize the day rather than having the day seize you is time well spent.  How can you optimize your time?  Build a stronger brain, enhance emotional resiliency, improve your attitude, inject fun and human social time into your day?

Get smarter, happier and take control of your timeWhat’s stopping you?  Many people will say that they do not have time, but each day holds 24 hours, 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds that must be devoted to not simply work, but to the fun activities, the leisure time, the down time that helps our brain, our emotions and our souls survive and thrive!




Get smarter, happier and take control of your time

Here are five simple, powerful steps, a time management self quiz and some excellent posts and tips to help you get smarter, feel happier and take control of your time!

dwight-eisenhower1.  Prioritize and plan! Find a simple, practical way to get organized
. Developed by President Eisenhower, this simple matrix is brilliant and powerful. I have worked with many Project Managers with large portfolios and responsibilities.  Most of my PMP clients love the Eisenhower chart, and all clients who use it find it helpful because it is practical, simple and allows you to transfer areas of priority from one day to the next!

Eisenhower Chart:
Divide a sheet of paper into four columns, prioritizing what you must do now, need to do asap, can do in the future and other items that can wait.
Use a new chart each day.

Urgent                                                 Important

To Do                                                  Can Wait



Get smarter, happier and take control of your time2.  Start your day with the right attitude.  What YOU focus on grows! Attitude is altitude.  If you get up on the wrong side of the bed, find a personal ritual, a habit that will help you get positive and put a smile on your face.

Go ahead, find something that will make you smile, and get you to feel happier!


Get smarter, happier and control your time-image 63.  Words make worlds.  Watch your self-talk.  Close down the voice of negativity that follows you because your brain is wired to hunt out negativity and is the greatest conspiracy theorist you will meet.  Our primal wiring has us on the lookout for predators, and while it served us well when we were living in caves, it is in most cases a current day impediment because it directs our thoughts to all that is negative impedes our ability to see the solution, he caveat in the problem we are facing.

Get Happier, Smarter and Take Control of Your Time     4.  Stretch and grow! Be a change leader.  Embrace and grow your ability to change and evolve by doing simple things that build cognitive dexterity, emotional resiliency. Examples: Make one small change each day in a habitual routine.  Take a new way home.  Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand.  Learn something new.  Start looking for the bright side in every change or challenge. Stretch and grow.




Get Happier, Smarter and Take Control of Your Time

5.  Understand your time management challenges and turn them around!  Adapt, optimize your time, your results and your ability live and lead forward!

Find the gap, understand where you are not optimizing your time and turn it around!  



quizTime Management Self-Quiz

Find one area you can improve and dedicate yourself to improving it for the next two weeks!   

1.  Do you separate urgent matters from other demands?

2.  Have you cultivated the art of remaining focused on what really counts, rather than being overloaded by extraneous information?

3.  Do you allocate one hour a day for ME time-time to think, read, plan, daydream, have fun or do something creative?

4.  Do you spend time each day cultivating relationships (business, personal, familial)?

5.  Are you focused on being the best you can be in the moment, rather than chasing some unattainable standard of perfection?

6.  Do you have a system that allows you to browse business or professional journals/articles you need to read in a way that is fast and effective without getting stuck in information overload?

7.  Do you make sure that you have regular holidays or work breaks that include experiences that are memorable and fun for you?

8.  Were you on time for all your appointments last week?

9.  Do you meet your work and personal deadlines?

10.  Do you return all phone calls and emails within 24 hours?

11.  Do you have a system for organizing and dealing effectively with emails?

12.  Are you working at a job you love or do you have a career plan to find a new/different position?

13.  Have you mastered the art of delegating?

14.  Do you have a 3 year personal and career objectives, and a system to help you transform goals into results?

15.  Do you spend time each day nurturing your soul; finding ways to tap into your highest power that inspire your best self?

Image Credits:  Big Stock Photo

Anything else?  You Betcha!  There is no time like the present to get smarter, happier and take control of YOUR time.  Here are some posts to help!

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Anything else?  YES.  Our new website and blog  with expanded collaborators, programs and services for individuals, organizations and emerging leaders debuts end April 2015. Stay Tuned!

 Are you ready to find a new way, a better and faster way to build strong leadership, communication influence and career success at the speed of change/challenges? We are here to help!

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  1. David Tumbarello
    David Tumbarello says:

    I enjoy your words today, Irene. This is like a chapter in a book about turning your life around & living in the present. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I fed myself this morning (spiritually) by running outdoors and listening to the birds in the trees. And enjoying the sun in my eyes. And making tea.

    Making goals for the day should be my next step. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Irene Becker
      Irene Becker says:

      Thanks so much for your awesome support of this post, David. So very appreciated. My personal and career journey have been treks of incredible success and equally incredible challenges which have give me a rather different optic on turning things around! I am so delighted that the post was of value. Stay tuned! My new website and a revamp of the blog debut end of April with lots of new programs and free content that I hope you will enjoy.

      Wishing you a terrific week!


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