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The imperative to stay focused on what we CAN do, what we CAN accomplish and the extraordinary cognitive and emotional capacity within is critical.  

Where do you start?  How can you remove the barriers to your greatest potential?  Reset the primal GPS that is wired for to pick up negativity?  Yes, before we can move mountains and molehills, transform challenges into solutions, build our 3Q Edge™ ( 3 strengths that GROW in turbulent times) we need to look within by developing simple, powerful words that help our mind focus on what we can DO, and direct our brain to seek out clues in our environment that will take us forward stronger, better and faster!  Adding a visual image to YOUR manifesto has a powerful impact on your mind and brain.  Start today, enjoy this post and use it to build a 2015 Manifesto that takes YOU forward!  Enjoy over 500 Inspiring, Motivating Links, Posts, Videos, Podcasts at the end of this post!

Delighted to share, Creating Your 2015 Manifesto, by the awesome Jone Bosworth, CEO of inCourage Leading!



One of the best ways to build strength and focus in 2015 is to create a manifesto.

A manifesto is like a compass not a map. It’s a declaration of principles, beliefs and intentions. It’s a rallying cry: statements or images or even just one word that embodies what you stand for.

The example (above) is Mars Dorian’s work. A visual story-teller and online illustrator, Dorian brilliantly combines images and words into a manifesto that really packs a punch.

Because I want your manifesto to be something you print, post, and read every day as a reminder of what’s truly important to you, here are a few examples and how-to questions to get you energized as you create your unique manifesto.

Example Manifestos

Manifesto-1 Manifesto-2Manifesto-7 Manifesto-6

Just Three Words: You, Your Loved Ones, Your Work

I also love how Chris Brogan creates his annual manifesto in just three words. Chris is the awesome author of books like Trust Agents and The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, and he leads the Owner Media Group. (If you don’t know Chris, put getting to know him near the top of your priorities list this year! You’ll be very glad you did.)

Here’s how Chris Brogan picks his 3-word manifesto for the year:

Make the first word about yourself,
the second about your loved ones,
the third about your business.”

Questions to Create Your Manifesto


What do you believe / what drives you?
What do you NOT believe?
What were some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned last year?
What do you do consistently, even if you have to fight for it?
What’s one thing you’re great at and love; no matter what, you’ll do it?
What is one thing you’ll let go of or forgive yourself for?



One last awesome example from Mars Dorian (left). Create-Conquer-VISUAL-Manifesto1-728×1024

When we don’t know where we’re going we’ll end up someplace we don’t want to be.

Write your manifesto for 2015 and may it be the compass that guides your path in joy-and-success-filled ways!

May 2015 be your best year yet!




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Jone Bosworth, J.D. writes about leadership, women, and wise organizational strategies. A speaker, certified executive coach and organizational strategist, Jone is the CEO of inCourage Leading, LLC.





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