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Business-as-Usual-Gaping-Void-300x225Building and Developing Business Requires a New Focus; because the velocity of challenges, hyper-competition facing all businesses is extraordinary. The rules of the game have changed; what worked in the past, may be irrelevant tomorrow.  The ability to focus forward, to learn, lead and succeed forward depends on your ability to recognize the new arena while using both strengths and challenges as a lever for new strategies, new ways of communicating, collaborating and growing business at the speed of change. Read More:  The Next Revolution is Already Here


How To Build and Develop Business in 2015Building Strong Entrepreneurial and Intra-Preneurial Skills is the Way Forward
The imperative for entrepreneurs, small and mid-size business owners to understand this new arena and negotiate it in ways that generate results is particularly important because the birth of more and more entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies will continue to swell. Courage, agility, communication influence, collaboration, integrity of purpose and products are integral to building, developing and landing business in 2015.  Interestingly, baby boomers are starting business at a 2:1 ratio compared with their millennial counterparts  READ more

A recent linked in post by Dr. Roshawnna Novelus on How to Fail like Barbara Corcoron inspired this post >>  Read the article in its entirety  

“Despite her $80 million net worth and tremendous success as a businesswoman and television personality, “Shark Tank” star Barbara Corcoran is no stranger to failure.” Ms. Corcoran’s recent course on the Fundamentals of entrepreneurship includes core philosophies that have been part of her success.  1.  Embrace Fear    2. Develop Immense  Optimism  3 Create Pressure and Don’t Overanalyze 4. Fake It Until You Are It Core philosophies that resonated profoundly, because the ability to fail forward is critical not only to entrepreneurship, but to enhancing resiliency, grit, focus on what counts, business skill/innovation. Read 2015 Global Trends and the Business of Success


Refocus, Reflect and Repurpose Your Greatest Potential and Results
Take time today to reflect upon what you are doing that is works (keep it) and what you need to change and what you want to transform in order to build, develop and land business.  Change is not the problem, it is the solution. Helping you shift your relationship with change and challenges so that we you can use both as a catalyst for your greatest potential and results is what my 3Q work is all about Learn more about 3Q-Listen to Leadership 3.0 Podcast stayed tuned for our new website, blog and podcast series!


The Soul of Leadership-The HHow Can YOU Build and Develop Business in 2015?
The importance of not only learning to Fail Forward but seeing our strengths AND challenges we face with new eyes that take us forward faster and stronger is critical.  Sharing a collection of insights and tips on doing just that!  Insights, tips and tools for entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized business owners who want to communicate, lead and succeed forward!

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Is is time to recharge, refocus and repower?  Use your next challenge, change or career transition as a lever for your greatest potential and results?  We are here to help!

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