I Choose The Road Less Traveled

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I Choose The Road Less Traveled

I choose the road less traveled.

•I love myself because from a place of self-love my ego is quiet, my awareness and compassion are restored.

•I serve with an open mind and heart because that which is closed withers and dies.

•I learn with passion and re-learn with vigour because each day is a blessing, an opportunity to learn, share and contribute.

•I know that my strengths are a gift, my challenges are a lever for my greatest purpose, potential and growth.

•I lead forward with faith, hope, courage, humanity and integrity because these are the only true riches we have; they are the virtues, the power within that no man can cast asunder.  They are the anchors for our best thoughts, best work and greatest contribution to a stronger, better future.

I choose the road less traveled because to lead is to serve, to be grateful is to grow, to know is to care…


My work does not and cannot speak to everyone. It touches smart, forward thinkers; people who have the courage to seek higher ground, people who know in their hearts that we each have a role to play in building a better world, a better future. I think this 182 word post says a lot, and my new site, revamped blog and a whole new terrific assortment of offerings, practical powerful simple ways to recharge-refocus-repower and LEAD FORWARD will say even more.

More?  You Betcha!  Sharing posts from 3Q Leadership Blog™ with thousands of reads and a couple of compendiums of inspiring quotes and information.  May they empower, inspire and lead you forward!

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Just Coach It-The 3Q EdgeRecharge, refocus and repower!  Are YOU ready to communicate, lead and succeed forward faster and stronger by using your next challenge, change or career transition as a lever for your greatest potential and results?  Take back YOUR power to make a difference and be the difference? Build YOUR 3Q Edge™?  We are here to help you lead, communicate and succeed forward face to face, by telephone, skype or video conferencing!” It is the small companies like Just Coach It that are leading the way, and Irene Becker is one of the finest runners in the race.”  Leon Benjamin, Author, Winning by Sharing
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