Lead Forward Training | Build the 3Q Leadership Skills YOU Need Now

Lead Forward! Build the Leadership Skills YOU Need NOW! 
Outline of recent
 interactive 3Q leadership training workshop
 Project Management Institute (PMI) Durham Highlands Chapter 
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Who should attend? Project/Program Managers and those interested in enhancing  leadership skills/roles.  PMPs will receive 7 PDUs |  Non PMPs receive 7 contact hours

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Training/Learning Objectives:
Optimize-Humanize-Monetize With 3Q Edge™ and R-E-A-C-H™ Skills

• Optimize:    Understand & Develop Your 3Q Leadership Edge™
Humanize:  Use strengths AND challenges to catalyze potential by building R-E-A-C-H™
Monetize:    Lead Forward: Build Your Leadership Strategy, 3Q Edge™ and R-E-A-C-H™ for smart results


Optimize Potential  By Developing YOUR 3Q Leadership EDGE™

  • What does effective (or agile) leadership really mean, and why is it so important?
  • Leadership Styles: Determine your leadership style and understand the benefits and challenges/pitfalls of each leadership style.
  • Building your 3Q Edge™:  Optimizing YOUR potential by building three key  “Q” strengths
  • Including individual and group exercises, interaction and a cheat sheet of 3Q Edge™ Leadership Tips & Tools


Build R-E-A-C-H™  ( Redirect Focus-Empower Confidence-Actualize Potential-Communicate Effectively-Harvest Results) 
Start using strengths and challenges to empower, engage & lead forward

  • Adapting, enhancing, improving your leadership style with R-E-A-C-H™
  • The Best Practice Leader As Coach |  Using strengths and challenges to  empower & engage with R-E-A-C-H™
  • The Best Practice Leader As Master Communicator | Developing effective communication in an arena of complexity, change and with diverse       internal  and external  constituents
  • Including individual and group exercises, interaction and a cheat sheet of R-E-A-C-H™  Tips & Tools


Part Three: MONETIZE
Develop YOUR Leadership Strategy, Incorporating Your 3Q Leadership Edge™ and R-E-A-C-H™ Skills  For Smart Results

  • Understand and Set Your Purpose-Your Intention
  • Own Your Leadership Strategy
  • Turn Purpose/Intention and Training into Reality and Results
  • Including  individual and group exercises, interaction, and a cheat sheet of Leadership Strategy Tips & Tools


• Mark Your Calendar February 2, 2013
| 8am-4pm | Centennial Building, 416 Centre Street, Whitby, ON (Regal Room)
Register Onliine before Jan 27, 2013 at midnight www.pmi-dhc-ca
For Inquiries contact programs@pmi-dhc.ca (this is for questions about the program. All registrations are a MUST)

Cost for this Event:  $250.00 PMI Member
$300.00 all other participants
Registration is Limited.  Please contact programs@pmi-dhc.ca to register before midnight Jan 27, 2012

(plus HST 86051 9131 RT0001)


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 Passionate about the integrity of  my work and its ability to help changemakers LEAD change;
I am committed to helping smart people and organizations
communicate & LEAD FORWARD smarter, faster and happier.
Irene Becker | Just Coach It
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