Let Go Of Your Inner Critic


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Our inner critic is the internal voice of negative judgmental self talk.  It is the nagging feeling, the inner voice that makes us critical of ourselves and others.  It is postulated that our inner critic developed early in life as a mechanism for reminding us of childhood rules and standards that we internalized about how we were supposed to think, feel and behave.  We learn to be critical of ourselves as we learn to march to the drummer of others wants and needs, we learn to be critical of others when they do not conform to what we want or expect.


The inner critic speaks loudly in judgment of ourselves and other people.  It is a voice that yearns to castigate.  It is the voice of enslavement to our egos and to the wants of others.   Sometimes our inner critic will leave us with feelings of self doubt; sometimes it will allow us to feel negative and critical of others.  When we listen to our inner critic, we listen to negativity that separates us from our best self and also from others.


Our best personal and professional selves come from a place of self love and acceptance.  When we can truly love and accept ourselves we can also see those in our world as collaborators on our path of personal learning.  Love is a path which brings us closer to the seed of creation and to a place where we can grow, learn and to share joy with others.  We are all partners on a human journey, and the greatest challenge in our roadmap to personal and professional success is to cleave to our humanity, to the values of sharing and caring that make us brothers and sisters on the road of life.


Take a day this week to stomp out the voice of your inner critic; to free yourself from self imposed negativity and judgment.  Silence all criticism and negativity for 24 hours.  Concentrate only on the good in yourself and in others that you meet and interact with.  Give the inner critic a day off, and in so doing spend a day with your highest, greatest and best self.

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