Glass Is Half Full-Yes, YOU can be happier!

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Clients, friends and colleagues often comment on the fact that I am a walking and talking field of positive energy.  They wonder, often in amazement, how I keep a balance of calm and joy on a day to day basis.   I ingest is intention, the intention of appreciation, gratitude and joy every moment, every day and in every way that I can. When I get out of sync, as we all do, I put an elastic on my wrist; give it a little tweak to remind me to live every moment as mindfully, as joyfully as possible.

Life has taken me on a personal journey fraught with tremendous challenges and also incredible success and satisfaction.  You can read my blog post “On Overcoming” you can read my professional bio on site.  My personal journey has been one of extreme success as well as extreme challenges and loss.  I recognize that we all go through bouts of success and despair, perceived material security and loss. Our strength and our hope lie not in our ability to move forward after crisis or defeat, but rather to move forward with our mind, heart and soul in tact, in a positive place.

What is my secret?  How do I keep my glass half full? My secret starts with recognizing that everything in life is a choice, a personal decision.  We cannot control what happens to us, but we have the ultimate control over what we do with our experiences. No one can control our thoughts, our emotions, the seedbed of our strength.  We are the masters of what is most important and most powerful in our life: our consciousness, our intention, what we choose to focus on.

Our opponent is not the boss or job we do not like, it is not the person who did us wrong.  The greatest opponent, the only true opponent we face is within our self. It is the voice that speaks of fear and desperation.  It is the voice that talks about all we cannot do or achieve.   It is easy to be seduced by the opponent, by choices that we do not really want to make, by negativity that drains our energy and impedes our true passion, purpose and talent.

How can you beat your internal opponent and reach in and out with more happiness, more energy, more enthusiasm for life? 
How can you get on the JOY TRACK? We must realize that wishing for, yearning for, hoping for or being desperate for happiness or joy does not represent positive intention, but rather speaks loudly to what you lack. When your thoughts come from a place of need, they also come from a place of fear.  The energy we transmit, the mirror neurons we share, attract more of the same.

No matter what has transpired in your life, YOU have the power NOW
at this very moment to fight the opponent, to move past a place of need a place of yearning for, wanting, asking, and hoping to a place of personal strength and positive certainty.

Decide to experience 24 hours without fear, uncertainty, worry, negativity. That’s right try joyful convicition on for size today.
  Take the garbage out for a day, put negativity and thoughts that sap your energy on pause.  What would your day be like if you decided to stop yearning for, wishing for, hoping for happiness and just got up in the morning with the conviction to make this a joyful day? Isn’t it time to find out?

Is there more?  Yes, there are lots of tips and tools on Qblog about priming your brain for happiness, developing higher EQ, staying positive, focused and engaged…Enjoy the blog, and stay tuned for more to come!

© Irene Becker

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  1. Jane Price Lieberman
    Jane Price Lieberman says:

    As always, your ability to present your half-full glass is thirst-quenching! So many have a difficult time getting past the past and moving forward in a positive way. Placing blame, harboring ill feelings, not taking responsibility for creating one’s own “joy” (a much better word, btw, than “happiness,”) adds to one’s inability to appreciate those little things that add up in a single day that make that day so worthwhile.

    Thank you, Irene, for consistently motivating and helping your readers and clients to take a closer look at their particular reality to find that glimmer of positivity. You’re so right. It is there for the taking and turning into joy –jane

    • Irene Becker
      Irene Becker says:

      Hi Jane: Thank you so much for your very kind comments! Please know that I was touched and honored by them! I do my utmost to live and work in service; and at a time when it is so critical that we retrain our brains and rally our ability to see the challenges we face with different eyes…Your comments were a gift to me. Thank you.

      Yours in service, Irene


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