The Path To Success Is Clear

© Irene Becker,


The path is clear. Our world is like a narrow bridgea bridge that is wobbling under the strain of the same unremitting need, greed and ego that has felled every fiefdom, empire and recently toppled once great corporations.  And, today, in an era of where the technology and knowledge at our disposal are greater than ever before, the World Health Organization forecasts that stress will be the major cause of disability by the year 2020. The war for talent is ongoing, and the human and financial costs and casualties of our epidemic of stress continue to skyrocket. We fight a silent war to reclaim the values, ignite the faith and engage the potential that can help us build better lives, better businesses and contribute to a better world at the speed of change.

The path is clear. The silent war we wage is eroding the quality of our lives, our workplaces, our leadership and adding to lives of quiet desperation that are so consumed with living faster and working harder than ever before that we forget that life is a gift to be cherished and savored.

We must start to clear the path, to build a new bridge to what can be by taking back the power that is found in expressing our unique potential; and the joy that is realized in embracing our values regardless of our circumstances. The very changes, challenges and even crucibles we face can help us create the best of times.

While many of us feel powerless, we are not! Because, the greatest power we possess lies in aligning the power of our heads with the strength of our hearts. The strength of one people, one human race sharing one planet.  The power of re-discovering not what seperates us, but the spiritual, emotional and physical glue that is our greatest individual and collective hope for the present and the future. A present and future where we can use the changes we face to realize the power and joy within and to heal, rebuild and restore our best selves, best work, and our best world.

One woman, one man, one values driven, heartfelt  step at a time. The path is clear.

© Irene Becker

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