Possibility Thinking, Doing & Results (Part I of 2)

Possibility Thinking, Doing and Results | Building Your 3Q Edge™ 3 critical strengths that GROW at the speed of change/challenges (Part 1 of 2)

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“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.” John Sculley

Three Leadership Heads

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I have learned that what does not break you can only make you stronger if you recognize and optimize your ability to think, feel, communicate and execute in new ways that both expand and anchor possibility thinking and doing. What does this have to do with your life, your career, your people and your future?  If you are not feeling broken, someone you know, work for, lead or love is.  The World Health Organization forecasts that stress will be the major cause of physical disability in the world by 2030.  Empowerment, engagement and the ability to ideate, innovate, communicate and collaborate are the benchmarks of 21st Century success, and they are being undermined and eroded from inside out. Will you become a possibility thinker and doer?  It is an important choice you have the freedom and power to make.  It is as choice that should be top of mind for those who lead and those who aspire to greater leadership because leadership is about making the impossible possible.  Our ability to remove the barriers to our greatest potential is real, and the first step in moving forward is recognizing the incredible potential within; potential to think, feel, see and learn faster and better than before.  Potential to develop a fire in one’s belly, a longing and appreciation of embracing one’s passion for the possible and using it to lead forward.

My passion for the possible evolved over time. Possibility thinking grew as a results of a wicked melange of success, accomplishments and equally great negative events that challenged every aspect of my life and work in ways that took me from the mountain of success to ground zero fighting to survive on the most basic level. As a child, I lived in a world where the worst of human nature punctuated my daily existence and caused me to recognize that faith, hope, courage, integrity and humanity were the only true riches we can obtain in this lifetime.  As an adult, my fascination with transformation, neuroscience, psychology, leadership and human potential  took me down another path that helped me recognize three critical areas of strength that we can GROW and EXPAND in the face of change and challenges.

Thinking, Feeling, Communicating and Doing Better | 3Q strengths that build and reinforce YOUR greatest potential 

The 3Q Edge™ Cognitive Portfolio
Q1: IQ
Emotional Portfolio
Q2: EQ
Purpose Portfolio
Q3: SQ

Optimizing human potential
at the speed of change, in the face of challenges.
Learning Style | Ability to Flourish Feeling Style | Ability to Flourish and Reach Past a Personality Type/Barrier Being Style | Ability to Flourish
Empowering Great Leadership Leadership Style |  The leader as a learner Leadership Style |  The leader as a communicator Leadership Style | The Leader as a champion of the greatest good.
Actualizing Great Results Possibility Thinking: Intention, Focus, Adaptability of Thought, Ability to Learn-Relearn, Design Thinking, Strategic Thinking. Emotional Intelligence: Self Awareness, Self-Perception-Perception of Others, Effective Communication, Collaboration, Improved Risk Tolerance and Resiliency Motivational Anchors Driving Purpose, Values and Integrity-Purpose.  The identification of your greatest purpose and the key intrinsic motivators that keep you empowered, engaged and moving forward when the going is tough.
Enhanced Thinking, Feeling, Communicating and Doing Awareness, Discovery |
Enriched Thought, Greater ability to see, express and expand possibilities.
Empowerment, Engagement | Enriching Self-awareness, Self-compassion, awareness of others, compassion for others- empathy. Rethinking, rewriting incongruent belief systems (habits of thought) that are impeding your greatest potential while building strong intrinsic motivators.
Simple, powerful 3Q techniques that inspire/empower/enable
your greatest potential.
New ways to Refocus, Repurpose-Repower in disruptive times New ways to Refocus, Repurpose-Repower in disruptive times. New ways to help you Refocus, Repurpose-Repower in disruptive times.


3Q Coaching and Consulting Benchmarks: Self Actualization and Actualizing the Potential of Others Recognizing/enhancing strengths while using what are typically seen as negative factors (change, challenges, stressors, failures) as positive levers for each Q strength

Q1:  IQ Thinking Differently: Solution Focused Problem Solving | Ideation-Cognitive Adaptability-Possibility Thinking | Using mistakes, challenges or failures to fail forwardPriming Your Brain:  Setting feelings for optimization of thoughts | Enhanced Ability to Learn-Relearn | Improved Decision Making | Simplification of the Complex | Optimization of Time/Ability
Q2:  EQ Feeling Differently:  Self-Awareness and Management, Empowerment, Relationship Management, Effective Communication Across Internal/External BoundariesPriming Yourself: Increased Resiliency/Risk Tolerance, Emotional and Social Adaptability, Greater Happiness
Q3:  SQ Doing Differently: Innovation-Autonomy-Interdependence-Accountability-Purpose-Results  (critical as strengthening SQ also strengthens right hemisphere of the brain which is typically weaker)

Priming Yourself and Others to Flourish:
  Anchor for Q1 and Q2 is SQ; spiritual quotient:  The values, enhancing purpose of thought, communication, action and intrinsic motivators that keep YOU learning, living and leading forward when the going gets tough.

I remain passionate, I remain devoted to taking 3Q Edge™ Skills to as many people as possible because I believe that the imperative to find new ways, faster and better ways to recognize and actualize our greatest potential is critical.  How can you develop your 3Q Edge™?  Click here for Part 2: How to Build 5 Benchmarks of 21st Century Success


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