Ramp UP Communication Quickstep Course-Fast & Purposeful!

Time to ramp up verbal, written or social communication? In three inspiring, powerful executive coaching sessions with Irene Becker by telephone, skype or video conferencing?  Yes, Irene will come to YOU!
Unplug discord and build engagement? 

Develop improved reach and resonance?

Have I got a program for you!  And, there are a few spots left.

Three Steps to Improved Communication with Irene Becker!
New Quick-Step Executive Coaching Program Starts Aug 6, 2012

  Enjoy this video interview about LEADING forward!

Deployment one/one by tel, skype, v-conferencing

Program One (3 Sessions): Verbal Communication
Program Two (3 Sessions): Written Communication
Program Three (3 Sessions): Social Media Communication

                                       $450.00 per 3 session course, payable by cheque, visa,
                                       mastercard  Read what clients have to say! 

Registration is Limited. Email: irene@justcoachit.com
for program/registration details


Irene Becker, Just Coach It-The 3Q Edge™

Helping smart people and organizations communicate and lead forward
smarter, faster and happier is what I do best. Executive coaching, consulting, keynotes and articles with a 3Q Edge™ for greater reach, resonance and results

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