Recap-Sun Positive Tweets on Leadership, Business, Science, Technology & More!



Recap of Positive Sunday Tweets!
Positive tips, advice and tweets on leadership, business, science, technology and more!

Irene Becker | Just Coach It-The 3Q Edge™ | QBlog

Attitude is indeed altitude.  Brain science now confirms that not only are our brains automatically attracted to negativity, but it is critical for our success and health to always prime our brain to be positive.  Yes, while we were told that you have to become successful to be happy…it turns out that we have to get happy in order to be successful!  Finding new ways to disrupt and change patterns of thinking and doing that no longer take you forward is the coachable moment.  Sharing good news and tips is what I have decided to TWEET every Sunday; and, here is the recap!


Dare-Dream-Do by Whitney Johnson Great Read Review & Excerpt @johnsonwhitney @daredreamdo @justcoachit#life #inspiration #humanpotential #women


As much as we need a prosperous economy, we also need a prosperity of kindness and decency. CKS






One Heart Makes a Difference. Let it Be Yours XOX ~ Lori Moreno @LoriMoreno


Programmable DNA Scissors Found rt @madure #science #health #innovation #genomics

Woman fights cancer as a patient – then as a scientist via @guardian #cancer #health #socialgood

Diabetes Reversed In Mice #science #health



Bacteria living in mud respire by organising themselves into living power cables #science



17 Twitter Marketing Tips rt @smexaminer #twitter #socialmedia #marketing

5 Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Wk @smashfly #recruitment #career #hr #tchat






The Power of Communication by Helio Fred Garcia
Gr8 Read Review & Excerpt @justcoachit #communication #leadership #ceo



Best Innovation & Business & Maker Story
>>fr David Lang @make @alphaonelabs RT @dalepd





Have you ever seen the Milky Way look this amazing? rt @huffpostscience #naturalbeauty #astronomy





10 of Your Parents’ Songs of the Summer That Still Rock Today! #music #culture rt @flavorpill



4 Lessons In Creativity From John Cleese rt @FastCoCreate #creativity

Valuable Tips For Effective Job Sharing  @ModernLifeBlogs via @AmitV_Tweets



50 TWITTER facts that’ll fascinate small biz  by @lilachbullock

50 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed via @mashable #social media #marketing



10 Secret Carribean Islands-Travel Destinations rt @ibtimes

 10 Unusual Hotels for Unconventional Summer Getaways #travel




I hope you enjoyed this recap of Positive Sunday Tweets. More to come next Sunday!


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