Self-talk-7 Powerful Tips

SELF-TALK-7 Powerful Tips


Do you want to get really joyful this week? Start by talking to yourself.  That’s right.  Get up close and personal and have a good conversation, a joyful conversation with yourself.

The greatest engine of positive energy that we have is often the first one we first forget, our speech.  If you truly want to get happy, start with happy self talk. Talk love and joy.  Have a little conversation of caring and sharing with yourself.

Words, the things that we think and say to ourselves and to others, have an incredibly powerful energy to create or to destroy.  The power of our words can never be overemphasized.  If we do not pay attention to what we say to ourselves, to our self talk, we can loose control over our thoughts, our emotions and ultimately our actions.  If we do not pay attention to the words we speak to others then we can use our engine of energy to spread negativity and pain. We can easily become so unaware of the words we use to speak to ourselves that we continue in ongoing negative, dis-empowering silent self talk throughout the day.  Some of us, many of us, even loose track of what comes out of our own mouths and travels to the recipient of our speech. Our words, our utterances, to ourselves and others represent a powerful energy, plain and simple. They are the engine of energy that we can choose to use for good, for joy, or the poison bullets we can use to inflict pain on ourselves and on others.

Would you go around randomly shooting poison bullets everywhere you went? Of course you would not.  To do so would mean causing damage to yourself and others. Certainly, there would be a negative and perhaps horrible result to your action. Your words have the same impact. They affect you and the lives of others in such a powerful way because of their inherent power. If you feel sad, angry, bitter, limited, constrained, try taking a look at your own personal self-talk and also how you express your words to others.

Reflect a bit and discover 7 power words, that make you feel creative, alive, joyful and empowered.   It should be easy to come up with 7 self empowering words.  If it is not, then don’t despair.  Just move forward now and take the time to find your own inner positive, joyful voice and in so doing to excavate 7 wonderful, powerful words.

Try using the power of utterance this week and let this power begin with your own personal self talk.  List your seven power words and put one up each day on a post it note on your bathroom mirror so that you start the day with a powerful word. You may feel that this exercise is silly, but I encourage you to try it.  Just grab on to a word each day and feel your power and joy soar.

Remember there is power in your voice, your words.  The power starts in and with you.
  Every day we have the power of choice.  The power to use our words to choose that ‘the sky is the limit’, or to use our words to embrace negativity and see “glass ceilings” above our head at each and every turn.

I say, choose the sky!  Decide this week to speak to yourself in a positive loving manner and in so doing let your words spread sharing and caring to others in your life and in your world.

© Irene Becker

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