Something Good and Everything Great

The Start of Something Good and Everything Great
© Irene Becker,


Companies that do not create true value for their employees, stakeholders and clients kill their power and they eventually wither and die. People who not create value in their life and the lives of others kill their spark of humanity; and in so doing they end up stewing in a pool of despair and regret that spreads into their emotional landscape until they are living in a land of perpetual discontent and malaise.  True power has everything to do with the ability to focus on the greater good, and on creating value.

Sometimes life is so busy, and we are so consumed with doing, that we forget what we are doing it all for. Food was meant to make our body strong.  Life is a gift to be lived to its fullest.  Joy is the seedbed of our individual and collective power to embrace our talent and create positive change.  Millions of people spend their intimate moments with a computer embracing virtual intimacy that is devoid of true connection.  It is easy, it is fast, but does it really sustain our energy or our joy?  Some of stay in jobs that compromise our value system or to not engage our purpose and potential, not because we cannot find other work but because it is easier to stay with the devil we know than to move on and find a position that is in better alignment with our integrity…is it better?  Most of us live in apartments or houses that our great great grandparents would have considered the lap of luxury and yet many of us have no real community and do not even know our next door neighbour.  Our life has more material comforts, but lacks emotional connection and sometimes is not aligned with our personal values…is it better?  Many of us are living faster but not truly better than ever before, because the human substance of our lives has been compromised.  Life has become a game of pleasure du jour, and we have forgotten that the quest is to find meaning, value and happiness toujours.

If we do not engage our best self, do our best work and live our best life we create a bubble that will ultimately burst and plummet to the ground. And when we fall, we will fall head first.  The material and/or social success we have acquired will not break our fall, because we have compromised the seedbed of our humanity.  We have become hollow men and women.  We have lost our joy and our power because our true self is not expressed.  Our true purpose and real passion are silenced and our energy has weakened.  We are out of alignment with our purpose, passion and values.  The wheel of our life is out of sync.

Granted, it is hard to focus on the best when we live in a society that seems to applaud mediocrity, and makes headlines and news bylines out of the worst.  It becomes more difficult still when our channels of entertainment reach out to the lowest common denominator of human focus.  It is hard, but it is not impossible. There are growing numbers of people who are focused on a life and a career of meaning and value.  They are taking back their power by opening the conduit between their heads and their hearts.

We can throw ourselves into the quicksand of negativity, envy, jealousy by deciding to forget the power that we each possess to make a positive contribution, to do something of value. But at the other side of darkness there is always light.  Light to recapture our power to create value and do good.  Light to engage our best self, do our best work and live our best life.  Power to make positive, value centered, soul centered choices.  Choices that will clear the fog of all that is wrong or the hail of militant mediocrity, greed or ego dominated choices that stand in the way of our living our best life.

Each small positive change that creates a ripple of value and integrity forms an ocean of hope and power for our self, our society and the world. If a butterfly in Tokyo can change the weather patterns in Los Angeles, what can our small actions each day, every way, have on our society and our world?   What would our personal and professional landscape look like if just 50% of us started each day with the intention to engage our best self, do our best work and live our best life?

Each individual possesses the unique ability to make a positive difference. It is something that no one can ever take from you no matter how difficult your circumstances, because your power sits in your heart, your head and your soul.  It is the core of your humanity; it is something that only YOU can touch, and direct if YOU focus not on what was, not on what will be, but on what is right now.  Right now YOU have the power to take one small action that will help engage all that you can be and do.  One positive small action every day is a great action that will beget other actions.  One small action that is the start of something good and everything great.

© Irene Becker

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