Ten New Rules of Business Success

Are YOU following the new rules of business success? New rules of business success will continue to grow as we move from the age of information to the age of innovation.  Here are ten new rules, and over 500 insightful and practical business and leadership links!

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00Big fish, little fish, all fish swimming in this new world and marketplace must make a critical shift forward because changes, challenges, hyper-competition and the opportunities they present will continue to accelerate.  Every change, challenge or element of competition presents you with an opportunity to get unstuck; an opportunity to think, communicate or execute in a new way that takes YOU forward faster and better while helping you also build the cognitive and emotional dexterity, the ability to think differently/more creatively while building resiliency and grit is a winning combination! Success means thinking differently.


Ten New Rules of Business Success

1.  Champion the challenge by looking at your competition with new eyes! Study your competition to further determine what your clients and prospects want.  Discovering the WANT is critical in a crowded marketplace, as is finding new ideas and gaps in products and services that you can fill by finding a new, better or customized solution. The imperative to get innovative and entrepreneurial is critical. Read 3 More Lessons From Seth Godin: How To Build A Wildly Successful Business (Eric T. Wagner, Forbes 10/28/2014)






2.  Be a red fish!  
Again, the imperative to be entrepreneurial, to adopt an entrepreneurial or intra-preneurial mindset is critical. Know your clients/prospects, get clear on your objectives and make sure that you are working every day to take them forward. We are in a whole new marketplace where bright upstarts are overtaking established brands; a new era of David and Goliath competition . Read Why Entrepreneurs Should Read Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath, Glen Tulliman, Forbes                                                                                                                                                


Ten New Rules of Business Success 3.  Pack a purposeful punch!  Build a strong an resilient culture by developing  enlightened self interest! Purpose equals profit on a multiplicity of levels. Purpose speaks to the shared values and objectives that drive great leadership, great strategy, great teamwork, great innovation and collaboration, great communication. Purpose that speaks to your commitment to excellence and to serving employees, clients, stakeholders and the community your serve. Read Enlightened Self Interest


044.  Create the right environment for collaboration. Build a community of purpose; external and internal alliances of like-minded people with complimentary and different skills sets who share your values and objectives. Raising a child demands a village, so does building a successful business, professional practice or organization .  Creating the right environment for internal and external collaboration is critical and it includes developing stronger and better client relationships that drive customer service/satisfaction and help build your digital community of purpose Read Leadership Means Developing A Community of Purpose




 5.  Communicate for influence across social, digital and cross generational lines.  Hone your ability to develop a communication skill set that is bigger than yourself, bigger than your intrinsic communication style or pattern. Do not be limited by habits of communication, because you can learn to effectively communicate across social, digital and cross generational lines, and doing so is critical to your success . Read From Now To How: Building Social, Virtual and Cross Generational Leadership




Ten New Rules of Business  Success

6.  Cultivate a growth mindset.  Follow, read the landmark work of Carol Dweck around building a growth mindset. Remember, YOU are in control of your thoughts, and YOUR thoughts, YOUR perspective, YOUR ability to choose to grow, evolve and flourish is the fire that can and will take you fire. No desire, no growth; and if you are not growing your business, professional practice or organization will ultimately crumble, stumble, sputter and fail.  Read How Can You Change From A Fixed Mindset To A                                                                                                            Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck,                                                                                                                               Mindsetonline.com 2010)



Ten New Rules of Business Success7.  Be a change leader and champion; make change leadership skills a priority for your executive team, managers and people because developing a new relationship with change, is critical to the development of an entrepreneurial l (or intra-preneurial) mind-set and culture.  Read Corporate Entrepreneurship And It’s Importance For Large Companies (Ryan May, Businessdictionary.com Sept 2014)




8.  Cultivate FOCUS.  
Focus on what really matters. Developing your ability to focus on what counts because it will help you learn and re-learn faster and better while being able to direct your attention to that which will help you in optimizing your potential and achieving better results.  Watch This Video:  Daniel Goleman-Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence




9.  Fail forward.  The sheer velocity of change and challenges means that we will all fail.
Failing forward means not only developing grit and resiliency but also a new relationship with failure that will allow you to find the silver lining behind the cloud (see point #1-because the greatest innovations and successes often are born of failures).  Read Using Failure To Succeed: 7 Powerful, Practical Tips







10.  Build YOUR 3Q Leadership™ Edge. Build three essential strengths YOU CAN learn to grow at the speed of change, challenges, stressors and failures. Adopt a new 3Q mindset because YOUR brain is neuro-plastic; science confirms that YOU can re-write patterns of thinking, communicating or doing that are not taking you forward. That’s right, you are not defined by what was, and have the ability to use what is to create what can be! Learning to think, communicate and execute in new ways will make you stronger and better. Read 3Q Leadership Exposed, Realizing Leadership Magazine Cover Story


Are YOU pushing the right buttons? Thinking in a way that will optimize solutions and results at a speed of change, challenges, hyper-competition? Doing what is necessary to tap into the opportunities that are before you? Finding better ways of communicating that create engagement, buy-in and collaboration? Make the critical shift forward because there is no time like the present to turn things around. Carpe diem!

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