The Coachable Moment-Practical, Purposeful…Inspiring

The Coachable Moment | Seven Practical, Purposeful, Inspiring Tips
For the Week Ending Mar 30-2012

From my Twitterfeed @justcoachit    [google-translator]

•If you think of the problem in the same way…you will get the same results. Change it up!
The Coachable Moment

•When you change UP the way you think, you create a new neural pathway, resetting your default mechanism
The Coachable Moment

•True leadership is service above self. It is not only making a difference, but helping others be the difference
The Coachable Moment

•Will you lead thought, or be held back by thoughts that keep you from realizing your true potential?
  The Coachable Moment


•Driving and sustaining revenues can only be predicated on creating meaning and value for others.
  The Coachable Moment

•Express your value in what you say. Your vision in what you do.  Your leadership in those you inspire.
The Coachable Moment

•Expect Change. Accept Volatility. Harness your potential to use both as opportunity.
  The Coachable Moment

I couldn’t see the forest for the trees so I built my own path.

I inspired others to join me. Together, we walk forward
Irene Becker | Just Coach It | The 3Q Edge™ – Happier, Smarter Faster

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  1. Irene Becker
    Irene Becker says:

    Shelley, thank you so much for your feedback and readership. And, for your comments about leadership and making a diference-two areas I am passionae about.

    Wishing you an outstanding week,


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