The Leadership Equation: Building Great Leadership At The Speed Of Change

The Leadership Equation:Building Great Leadership At The Speed of Change | Practical Tips and Insights 

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 Leadership is a 3Q equation supported by courage. Courage grows each time we align intelligence (IQ) + humanity (EQ) + integrity (SQ)

The Leadership Equation by Irene BeckerLeadership equation is a 3Q equation that starts and grows with courage.

Leadership means having the courage to build the IQ (intelligence-strategic thought-ability to learn/relearn ) EQ (emotional strength-communication-resiliency) and SQ (values-purpose-integrity of vision/action) that can help us use what is to create what can be; better lives, better organizations…a better world.


What happens when we lose sight of what is truly important?  What happens when we detach ourselves from the SQ, the intrinsic motivators (Values-Purpose-Integrity of Vision/Action)?  Take a look around.  Could the USA government come to a halt without those in positions of power becoming inured to the intrinsic motivators the SQ (vision-values-purpose) that are the underpinning of true leadership?

What will happen if we remain entrenched by what worked in the past but may be impotent in the present or future? The need for great leadership abounds as does the reality that we struggle to develop leaders to can guide us out of the paradoxical morass we face, help us develop the mindset and skill set we need to transform the challenges and failures we face into innovative solutions that can take us forward.

We are living in times of paradox where the need to kindle the fire of human purpose and potential has never been greater.  We talk about leadership, we train leaders but we do not question who wants to lead and why? 
The need for each individual to develop personal leadership skills is obvious and critical, the reality that not everyone wants or aspires to be the captain of the ship is equally true.  It take courage, it takes vision, it take the relentless desire to serve the greatest good, to make difficult decisions and learn relentlessly from both the successes before us and our challenges and failures to lead.

Many are called, and the minority who hear the call will truly want to lead.  We do not need each individual to be a leader, we need people to develop personal leadership skills so that they can recognize the integrity of great leadership and play a part in helping great leaders take us from where we are to where we need to go.  Our ability to develop stronger personal leadership, better thinking, communicating and doing skills while recognizing those unique individuals who have the courage, intelligence and integrity to assume positions of leadership has never been greater.

The call for a new type of leader who can balance male and female intrinsic strengths with a more androgynous focus, a skill set that is not mired or limited by gender, ethnicity or past markers of power but thrives on the integrity, vision and value is critical. The new leader, the new generation of leadership must embrace a more androgynous focus that will build upon three critical pillars:

Pillar Number One:  The Purpose Equation
Optimizing, humanizing, monetizing our potential means making the purpose equation real in a new non-linear eco-system where change, challenges, competition and opportunities abound.

The Purpose Equation:                                 Purpose = Profit


Success = Creating Value For Others


Our ability to use the changes, challenges, stressors, even failures we face to build 3Q Skills that stretch and grow at the speed of change is real; doing so starts with championing the purpose that can help us learn, live and lead forward.



Pillar Number Two: Building Our 3Q Edge™-Resetting The GPS
Resetting the individual and organizational GPS from NO TO GO by not simply playing to strengths, but by using changes, challenges, stressors, even failures to develop three essential power clusters, three essential skills that GROW in the face of change/challenges:
Q1-IQ (intelligence-focus-strategic thought-ability to learn-relearn)  Q2-EQ (emotional mastery-self management-relationship management-risk tolerance/resiliency, communication) Q3-SQ (values alignment/positive purpose, integrity of thought communication and action)


Pillar Number Three: A commitment to a better present and future by empowering, enabling and actualizing our individual and collective potential A commitment that begins with the words we choose to think, speak and share; words that build bridges across digital, social, cross generational/culture lines because they speak loudly and boldly to the values and objectives we share irrespective of gender, ethnicity or other differentiators.


Leadership starts in the hearts and minds of all men and women who push themselves to envisage a better present and future.  It starts with the heart beat of hope, faith, integrity, humanity and courage that can change one life and many lives. The leadership equation is a 3Q equation that starts and grows with courage. Leadership means having the courage to build the IQ (intelligence-strategic thought-ability to learn/relearn ) EQ (emotional strength-communication-resiliency) and SQ (values-purpose-integrity of vision/action) that can help us use what is to create what can be; better lives, better organizations…a better world.    It begins by taking responsibility for our life, our growth our ability to contribute to a greater whole in ways that will stretch us, test us and also help us to grow individually and collectively.  

Some of us will lead great ships, others will simply lead our lives more effectively by learning to re-inspire the best in ourselves and others. We all contribute in different ways to a leadership equation, a balance of power, talent and collaboration that can take us forward smarter, faster and better than before.  Each role is important, each person is an important spark in the foundation of new lives, new organizations and a better path forward.

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