The Soul of Leadership-The Heartbeat of Sustainability

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A great conversation with Sunny Lee-Goodman, Director of Public Practice at Lapin International inspired this post.  We were speaking about purpose, about David Lapin’s excellent book Lead by Greatness and what greatness really means.  Sunny encouraged me to write the words that are etched on my soul. Thank you for encouraging me to write about the soul of leadership, Sunny!


The Soul of  Leadership-The Heartbeat of Sustainability

Lead Forward Because YOU Can

Seize this day to ignite the power within, get inspired by the soulful voice that is the heartbeat of sustainability. Listen to YOUR beautiful voice, your leader’s voice, and hear its goodness, courage, integrity and humanity. It is the voice that lifts you when you see natural beauty, it is the feeling that touches you when you do something that helps another; it is the antithesis of the need, greed and ego that pulls at us all and beckons us to make an important choice between what we feel me need at the moment and what we know will help us build or contribute to a better, stronger future.
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The Soul of Leadership-The Heartbeat of Sustainability

Stronger Together

The soul of leadership is the heartbeat of sustainability.  It is the voice of courage and the strength of character that helps you do something that is difficult because you know it is the right thing to do and will, in the end serve the greatest good.  It is the spark of the Creator, the light of the infinite source of goodness that can change a life and many lives because it speaks to our best as human beings; our ability to put down our emotional or political swords and recognize that which is stronger than anything else, our ability to learn to adapt, evolve and thrive together.
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The Soul of Leadership-The Heartbeat of SustainabilityThe soul of leadership is found in those difficult and often dark times when we are caught between a rock and a hard place; those times doing the right thing is as critical as finding a new way, a different way to think, communicate or execute.  A way that helps you engage and grow your 3Q Edge™ by recognizing your strengths AND using the challenges, changes, stressors AND failures to BUILD your greatest potential and results:

Q1) IQ    Cognitive dexterity, focus, strategic thought, innovative thought and execution

Q2) EQ   Emotional intelligence, resiliency, communication and collaboration across boundaries

Q3) SQ   Integrity of spirit, purpose, values and the growth of intrinsic motivators that keep one leading forward in disruptive times.


The Soul of Leadership-The Heartbeat of SustainabilityTimeless anchors?  Leadership sustainability?   3Q Strengths that GROW at the speed of change/challenges?  Pie in the sky?  Think again.  My first name is grit. My journey through successful times, recessions, difficult, gut-wrenching and even life threatening times taught me as much as many years of dedicated study and practical work with clients helping them optimize their leadership, communication, career and business potential by seeing strengths and challenges with new eyes.  Read More:  3Q Leadership Benefits and Why I Have Dedicated My Life to This Work


The Soul of Great Leadership-The Heartbeat of SustainabilityMy second name is determined.  I have dedicated my life to helping smart people and organizations build their 3Q Edge™ because the only way forward is together, the only way out of the morass of challenges that threaten our individual and collective social and economic well-being is have the grit and determination to think differently, communication and collaborate across boundaries while building the soulful, powerful, timeless anchors that tie us all together irrespective of age, stage, culture or any type of boundary.
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The Soul of Great Leadership-The Heart of SustainabilityMy third name is soulful; the desire to learn, share and contribute punctuates my days and my work. Take a moment right now to be soulful.  How are you building and growing soulful leadership?  How can you use what is to create what can be in your life and the lives of others?  Make a perceptual shift, develop a new relationship with strengths, changes and challenges the empowers YOUR best self and work?  What do you really want to create in this lifetime that will last after you are not here?  Read More:  The Secret to Peace and Prosperity




Seize the Day-Ignite Your Greatest Power!

Seize the Day-Ignite Your Greatest Power!

Seize this day to ignite the power within, because YOU can.  Get inspired by a soulful voice that cannot be cast asunder, and can take you forward in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.  True power lies not in what we consume or have, but in what we contribute.

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Anything else?  YES.  Our new website and blog  with expanded collaborators, programs and services for individuals, organizations and emerging leaders debuts this month. Stay Tuned!

Are you ready to find a new way, a better and faster way to build strong leadership, communication influence and career success at the speed of change/challenges? We are here to help!

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