The Thriving Organization-10 Powerful Steps

The Thriving Organization-Ten Steps

©Irene Becker, Chief Success Officer,


Is your organization people ready to make the necessary transition from the age of information to the age of innovation?

Can you create not only a learning organization, but a living organization where adaptive communication, management and leadership thrive?

Here are ten simple, but powerful steps:

1. Accelerate results with coaching and mentorship programs; in house programs as well as hiring coaches who will develop a program that FITS; and, where the confidentiality of the coach-coachee relationships is preserved

2. Be a promise manager and leader. Use every opportunity to model promise management and leadership. Build the DNA of all successful relationships, trust. Do what you say, come through with the promises you make.

3. Find the DNA of success. Get coached so that you can not only build but sustain the high emotional intelligence edge, life, leadership, communication and whole brain thinking strengths that are the new currency of success.

4. Fail Forward. The only way to build and sustain success in an environment of constant change, challenge, competition is to learn to fail forward. Develop a new perspective around change, challenges, competition and failures that is relentlessly solution focused.

5. Get out of the comfort zone on a daily basis. There is nothing comfortable about the era in which we are living and leading. Learn to embrace and use moments that take you out of your comfort zone as opportunities to stretch, grow, learn and succeed.

6. Cultivate humour, optimism and resiliency, while retaining a realistic perspective. Take time each day for a good laugh. Brain science tells us that laughter not only connects you with others but it also helps strengthen the immune system, creativity and enhanced ideation.

7. Nurture and build collective intelligence;develop vertical and horizontal communication. Success is not achieved alone. Your people are your most important asset.

8. Build your diversity quotient.A global marketplace, a war for talent, and a diverse workforce all demand a new perspective that will allow you to understand and successfully negotiate the cultural and ethnic differences that can deride communication, effectiveness, engagement, action-ability and results.

9. Don’t react-respond.
The era of command and control leadership is passé. Adaptive management and leadership means keeping an eagle eye on your goals and objectives, values and vision while also building an emotional intelligent, adaptive leadership and management style that is responsive and not reactive.

10. Positively adapt and model changes in your management and leadership style. Send the message loud and clear that positive change is where it is at. Encourage learning, growth, collaboration and action!

©Irene Becker,

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