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The Ultimate How to Post:  A Compendium of Practical, Powerful Tips with a 3Q Focus for Results in Disruptive, Turbulent Times


The Biggest How To Post EverWhere?  Who? What? Why? How? When?  >> NOW!

Do you want to transform changes, challenges, turning points into levers for your greatest potential? Rethink your thinking?  Build improved communication, collaboration and results across internal or external boundaries? There is no time like the present to think, lead, communicate and succeed forward.  Yes, this may be the biggest “HOW TO” post ever.


Ten New Rules of Business Success Playing to strengths is no longer enough. It feels good, because we have all been trained to build upon our strengths, but the reality before us speaks to not only optimizing strengths but finding new ways, faster and better ways to use changes, challenges, turning points, stressors and even failures as levers for our greatest potential.  The reality before us speaks to building our 3Q Edge™, three strengths and a new mindset that help us grow, evolve, collaborate and succeed at the speed of change, challenges and turning points.

May you peruse the following articles, videos and radio interviews and choose topics and practical advice that speaks to your power, your potential and your ability to use what is to create what can be in your life, your work, your people….YOUR world.  Carpe diem.  We are all pioneers in a brave new world. Those who succeed will have the courage and insight to find new, faster and better ways forward.


Radio Interview:  Moving From Pain To Gain in Life and Career | My interview by Deb Scott, The Best People We Know Radio Show

Video Interview:  Leading and Succeeding at the Speed of Change/Challenges | My interview for Extraordinary Women TV by Shannon Skinner

Podcast:  Leadership 3.0  | My interview by JoAnn Corley on HR thought leadership and results


Change is a constant, using the changes and challenges we face as positive, powerful levers for our greatest potential and results is a new way of thinking, a better way of doing.  The velocity of challenges, turning points and opportunities we face individually and collectively will continue to accelerate, our ability to use all three to build smart leadership, strategic and innovative thought, communication excellence, collaboration and results is REAL and critical.

We are all pioneers in a brave new world. Those who succeed will have the courage and insight to find new, faster and better ways forward. Focus forward, develop your ability to become a possibility thinker and doer. Hone your 3Q Edge™, build your advantage at the speed of change, challenges and complexity because YOU can!  Start today.  Get inspired by what you can do, build and accomplish.

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Anything else?  YES.  Our new website and blog  with expanded collaborators, programs and services for individuals, organizations and emerging leaders debuts end April.   Stay Tuned!
 Are you ready to find a new way, a better and faster way to build strong leadership, communication influence and career success at the speed of change/challenges? We are here to help!

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