Twitter Week in Review: Favs from the Twitterverse W/E Nov 24-12

Twitter Week in Review w/e Nov 24-2012
Some of My Fav Posts This Past Week


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˚) Biz: Leadership

☆☞ Across sectors, in schools-our communities, we are hungry for authentic leadership @BreneBrown RT@melindagates

☆☞ What great leaders know and do @mikehenrysr RT@meghanmbiro

☆☞ 5 Leadership Secrets to Being a Successful CEO  @LisaPetrilli

☆☞ 8 Things Collaborative Leaders Know  @jesselynstoner

☆☞Five Leadership Shifts for 21st Century Success  @RebelBrown

Bonus☆☞ The Top Ten Smartest European Cities via @fastcoexist


˚) Biz: HR-Teambuilding & Performance Management

☆☞  The 9 corporate personality types and how to inspire them to innovate via @forbes

☆☞ Ten powerful employee engagement lessons  @valaafshar RT @meghanmbiro 

☆☞ How to inspire your staff  @30SecMBA

☆☞ Breed Accountability NOT Blame @katenasser

☆☞ CEO Report: The Changing World of Work McKinsey Reports


˚) Biz:Small Business & Sales

☆☞How three entrepreneurs turned a family tradition into big business via @FastCompany

☆☞ Debunking Personal Branding Myths  @dramitinspires

☆☞ It’s Too Little Too Late by S. Anthony Iannarino @iannarino

☆☞ Social Media Entrepreneur at 17: Amit Verma @amitv_tweets RT @grattongirl @lilachbullock

☆☞55 Ways to Save Valuable Time [Cool Poster] @fsonnenberg


˚)Biz: Social Media Marketing & Branding

☆☞#Infographic 2012 Top 20 Social Media Platforms by Visits @bitrebels via @pinterest

☆☞ What Women Want: 10 Tips to Attract Female Buyers on Social Media  @kathikruse

☆☞ 50 Fascinating Facebook Facts And Figures @jeffbullas

☆☞ 12 Things To Do After You Write A Blogpost – Checklist [#Infographic] @ruhanirabin RT @anntran_

☆☞ If You Aren’t Social, You’ll Shrink: 10 Steps To Becoming a Social Business @valaafschar for @forbes


˚) Careers:  Career Transition and Career Management

☆☞ 31 Top Job Interview Questions YOU Should Ask @youternmark

☆☞ How To Approach Different Types Of Job Interviews:   @youternmark

☆☞ Build Your Reputation the Rachael Ray Way via @HarvardBiz

☆☞ 10 Bits of Career Expert Advice You Want to Ignore – On Careers by @ValueIntoWords @usnews RT @careersherpa

☆☞ Winning the New War by Irene Becker @justcoachit

˚) Creativity, Innovation and Design

☆☞ Strategic Thinking Exercises – 6 Characteristics of the Best Ones  by Mike Brown @brainzooming

☆☞ 10 TED Talks About Being Creative via @Linkedin  RT @alan_stiff

☆☞ Books2Watch: Midnight Lunch – The 4 Phases of Team Collaboration Success from Thomas Edison’s Lab @Sarahcaldicott via @businessbooks

☆☞ What comes to your mind when you think of “Being Creative” via @AmitV_Tweets rt @meghanmbiro

☆☞ Structuring problems to facilitate co creation by Jose Baldaia @jbaldaia


˚) Education

☆☞ Brain Boosters Can Activate Secondary and College Classes and Beyond  @ellenfweber

☆☞ Gates Foundation funds online university open access – via @BBC @gatesfoundation RT @drescotet

☆☞ Transforming schools an entire system at a time by UofT President Michael Fullan via @McKinseySociety

☆☞ The Growing Competition for Students: Online Schools Storm the Ivory Tower  via @creativitypost #education

☆☞ How the Online Education System Helps the Students  @AngelaMaiers

BONUS: ☆☞ Shaping Social Justice Leadership: Insights of #Women Educators Worldwide via @drescotet


˚) Inspiring Posts & Quotes

☆☞ “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~Martin Luther King Jr. #conscience #action @PeaceLeadership

☆☞ Full of stars – check this amazing Google/Chrome map of our galaxy  @sugarfree rt @foundthings

☆☞ “Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped.” Petteri Tarkonnen @ptarkkonen

 ☆☞ Wisdom is also infectious. You find it within, you also spread it around. Dr. Amit Nagpal  @dramitinspires

☆☞ On the 49th Anniversary of JFK’s death, a timeless quote>> Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.  John F. Kennedy

Bonus: ☆☞  Move Mountains – The Power of the Anti-Hero via @geoffliving RT @hensel @nghannoum

˚) Neuroscience & Psychology

☆☞ Emotional Intelligence and the Brain: An Interview with @DanielGolemanEI  via @ManieBosman rt @trevorblee

☆☞ Neuroscience Says Buildings Can Reshape Our Brains via @fastcodesign

 ☆☞ A True Rock Star of Science Great Article about @Rudytanzi co author of Super Brain with @deepakchopra rt @justcoachit

☆☞The Six Attributes of Courage by Dr. Melanie Greenberg @drmelanieg via @psychtoday

☆☞ Winning the New War by Irene Becker @justcoachit


˚) Personal Development

☆☞ Human feeling… it does not wait for beauty — it flows with resistless force and brings beauty with it. @brainpicker

 ☆☞How To Deal With Criticism And Rejection Video interview @thecreativepenn rt @markmcguinness

☆☞ Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, accountability, and authenticity.@brainpicker

☆☞ The secret ingredients between those who TRIVE & those who remain STUCK. Free 4-part video series @lifecoachmary

☆☞ Winning the New War by Irene Becker @justcoachit


˚) Social Good

☆☞Business + Innovation + Design for Social Good @GatesFoundation  via @fastcodesign

☆☞ Government seed grants encourage global health innovation RT @PeterASinger

☆☞My 13 favorite TED Talks @billgates

☆☞Helping Children Connect to their Environment @carrieleeferg RT @ashoka

☆☞Generators, public goods & the failure of cutting taxes for the wealthiest  @NickKristof via @nytimes RT @alicekorngold


˚) Sustainability and #CSR

☆☞ Exploring Sustainable Development: A Multiple-Perspective Approach, a UNESCO guide: RT @enablingcity

☆☞ Carbon neutral biogas plant will power an experimental data center with methane:  @Microsoft

☆☞ Why a Low Carbon Price Is Good News for the Climate via @HarvardBiz

 ☆☞ Why CFOs Need to Care About Sustainability  via @huffingstonpost RT @bradzarnett

☆☞ World’s Largest Investors Call For More Decisive Action By Governments on Climate Change via @3BLMedia


˚) Science, Tech and Health

☆☞Google Maps Helps Man Walk 5,000 Miles Across Asia [VIDEO] via @mashable

☆☞ Teenage Gamers Are Better At Virtual Surgery Than MDs RT @johnnosta

☆☞ More people worldwide have cell phones than toilets  @HarvardHSPH RT @nickkristof

☆☞Blind patient reads words stimulated directly onto retina: @sciencedaily RT @calestous

 ☆☞Harvard researchers are challenging the popular portrayal of the Ebola virus – @harvard RT @calestous

Bonus: ☆☞  Amazing Time-Lapse Video Features Ever-Changing Earth and Sky @wired RT @cduhigg

˚) Women

☆☞ Women-owned businesses are surging at a pace faster than that of any other group.  rt @thewomaneffect

☆☞ Maya Angelou – A Woman That Conquered Herself via @modernlifeblogs @amitv_tweets

☆☞ 50 #TEDxWomen 2011 Quotable Quotes  rt @shequotes

☆☞ What Boomer Women Can Learn About Aging via @msfoundation

☆☞ 1,000 Stories Campaign Launches to Help Women Entrepreneurs  @TheStoryXchange RT @thebarefootceo @women2 @thehrgoddess



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