Twitter Week in Review-W/E Dec 22, 2012

Twitter Week in Review w/e Dec 22, 2012
Some of My Fav Posts This Past Week


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☜(˚▽˚)☞ Biz: Leadership

☆☞ We Wait Too Long to Train Our Leaders by Jack Zenger @jhzenger via @harvardbiz

☆☞ Is the future of work already here?  by Laura Braverman via @upstartbusiness KUDOS @IDEO & willworkfororg.

☆☞ The Next Era of Global Growth and Innovation   Manufacturing the Future  @Mckinsey Report

☆☞ Leadership is Marketing – Peter Drucker Said What? via @TanveerNaseer

☆☞ Will YOU Make The Critical Shift Forward?  by Irene Becker @justcoachit

BONUS ☆☞ What Executives Around The World Think About The Economy:  2004 to now McKinsey Quarterly Report @McKQuarterly


˚) Biz: Teambuilding & Performance Management

☆☞ Leading Superior Customer Experience: Turn Off the Power! by @katenasser

☆☞ Teaming in 21st C by Amy C Edmonston via @HBSK

☆☞ New ways to optimize our potential are critical.  Building Constructive Discontent by Irene Becker  @justcoachit 

☆☞ The 3 Habits of Great Creative Teams by Keith Yamashita

☆☞  Fun & different for your #Office #Teambuilding – Sumo Wrestling! (London&SE) via @sumoexperience



˚) Biz-: Small Business & Sales

☆☞ Create the Trends, Don’t Follow Them – by Steve Blank @sgblank via @WSJ rt @iannarino

☆☞ Small Business Owners Optimism on the Rise by @barrymoltz

☆☞ 43 Free Ways to Market your Business in 2013 via @MicroBizHub

☆☞ Succeeding in Crowded Niches, a Website Business Model, Blog Ads, and 8 More Ideas via @bizsugar

☆☞ Great List of Resources for Entrepreneurs: via Steve Blank @sgblank RT @stevecase



˚)Biz: Social Media Marketing & Branding

☆☞ 10 Insights Into the State of Social Media in 2012  by @jeffbullas

☆☞ The 16 Most Compelling Infographics of 2012 | Fast Company | (click on pic for post)

☆☞ The Human Algorithm: Redefining the Value of Data  by @briansolis via @socialmedia2day

☆☞ Can Mobile Save TV? Is the Second Screen a groundbreaking tool for brands?  by @branding_guy

☆☞ 13 Blogs To Learn From in 2013 for Website Success by @Lisapatb

BONUS: ☆☞ A Brand Shift for 2013:  From Aspiration to Inspiration by Alan Stinow via @fastcocreate mt @rdivol



☜(˚▽˚)☞ Careers, HR and Talent Management

☆☞ 5 Trends for Work and Leadership in 2013 by @MeghanMBiro via @Forbes

☆☞ Building a Healthier Workplace with the help of the E-Crowd:  @GuardianSustBiz >> KUDOS @openideo

☆☞ TEDTalks – Dan Pink – The Puzzle of Motivation – by @MRGottschalk

☆☞ Overthrow Yourself by Umair Haque @umairh – via @HarvardBiz

RT ☆☞ Why We Can’t Solve Big Problems (MIT Technology Review)




˚) Creativity, Innovation and Design

☆☞ Building an Innovation-Based Economy by  Darrell M. West, Allan A. Friedman, Walter D. Valdiviavia @BrookingsInst @ErdemErkul

☆☞ Empathy in Creativity and Design Thinking  via @CreativityPost RT @sammcnerney

☆☞Reinventing The Economy Through The Creation Of A New Culture Of Innovation by Jose Baldaia @jabaldaia

☆☞ Bill Gates: My 13 favorite talks TED Talks  @billgates @ted_talks

☆☞ 100 diagrams that changed the world from cave paintings-color wheel to the world wide web via Maria Popova @brainpickings



˚) Education/Learning

☆☞ We Need More Education Of The Heart – Affective and Ethic Deficits  by @drescotet

☆☞ The Future of MedEd – Learning by Simulation  by Tracy Granzk via @healthcollectiv

☆☞ Bakers Dozen: Sampling the Best Science Books of 2012 | via @sciam

☆☞ Guardian University Awards 2012: shortlist The @guardian RT @drescotet

Bill Gates Top Ten Books of 2012  – The Gates Notes @billgates



˚) Human Rights & Peace

☆☞ Peacemakers 2012 by @rnicholasburns @harvard @kennedy_school Affairs

☆☞ Gun control in America: the fierce urgency of now   RT @safeworld4women

☆☞ Gun Control Petition is Most Popular Ever Posted to White House Site  vía @mashable

☆☞ Masculinity and Guns, A Lethal Equation, by Michael Kimmel  RT@A_wittenbergcox

☆☞ Will a horrific bus gang-rape in Delhi finally change the awful status quo via @slate RT @ nahumg



˚) Inspiring Posts & Quotes

☆☞ Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution.  Thomas Edison

☆☞ The first step is by faith… by @MartinaMcGowan

 ☆☞ Hubble Images Reveal 7 of the Most Distant Galaxies Ever Seen: via @sciam

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.  Martin Luther King Jr.

☆☞ Inspiring read from @marwilliamson “Christmas for Mystics” via @HuffPostRelig RT @etmobley

☆☞ Bonus >> Dreams don’t come true for those who oversleep. Calestous Juma @calestous


˚) Neuroscience & Psychology

☆☞ How to Inspire Your Brain (Part 2) by @DeepakChopra & @RudyTanzi + Take a quiz to test your brain’s potential via @intentdotcom

☆☞ Evidence is gathering that the #brain isn’t really an object but a continuous process. RT @deepakchopra:

☆☞ Saliva analysis can reveal decision-making skills via @sciencedaily  RT @jakelepiarz

☆☞ The beautiful fragility of language | Literally Psyched by Maria Konnakova via @sciam

☆☞ Brain imaging identifies bipolar disorder risk in teens  RT @jakelepiarz



˚) Personal Development

☆☞ Deepak Chopra on Your “Super Brain,” Work Stress + Creativity by Judy Martin @judymartin8 @ via @Forbes

☆☞ What Is God? @DeepakChopra, Marianne Williamson and Others Give Their Definition (VIDEO) via @huffingtonpost

☆☞  Wonderful: The gene mutation of curiosity & how we evolved to explore via @explorer

☆☞ The Time of Year for Being Grateful  via @hrbartender

☆☞The science of optimism and the life-cycle of happiness  via Maria Popova @brainpicker



˚) Social Good

☆☞ Founder of @Ashoka Bill Drayton: Five Trends for Social Entrepreneurs  via @Forbes

☆☞ “Big Idea 2013: A Critical Mass of Consciousness” via @deepakchopra

☆☞ Why does social science matter? – Dan Little

☆☞ @TIME names #Malala as a person of the year. An extraordinary and inspiring journey  RT @melindagates

☆☞ Social Media Next Phase of Humanity – @DeepakChopra [VIDEO]



˚)  Sustainability and #CSR

☆☞ Important About Existential Responsibility of Organizations by Umair Haque @umairh via @HarvardBiz

☆☞ Corporate Philanthropy: The Latest Snapshot of Giving Trends by Leon Kaye

☆☞ Scientists See Promise for People + Nature as ‘Peak Farmland’ Looms  by Andrew @Revkin via @nytimes MT @calestous

☆☞ Important @OpenIDEO will donate $10 to #diabetes for each idea added till Jan 1st up to $10k add yours rt @_natw

☆☞ The Most Dynamic Social Innovation Initiatives of 2012  by @susanmcp1 RT @LeonKaye @adhumlen



˚) Science, Tech and Health

☆☞ Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains: via @sciam

☆☞ Pittsburgh, USA-Extracellular matrix regrows tissue/muscles lost due to injury! via @nytimes

☆☞ Brain implants let paralyzed woman move robot arm by Tim Hornyak @robotopia via CNET

☆☞ Brain imaging identifies bipolar disorder risk in teens RT @jakelepiarz

☆☞ Using Your Body’s Energy to Power Pacemakers, Etc by Shirley Wang via @wsj RT @drparkave

BONUS  ☆☞ Nanoparticles Reduce Negative Effects of Chemotherapy by 14 year old student @Eric_juma (applause!!!)



˚) Women

☆☞ Infographic Equal Education Unequal Pay | Closing the Gender Wage Gap

Top Conservative Publication: Shooting Occurred Because Women Ran The School | ThinkProgress

☆☞ I believe in the Sisterhood of Motherhood, together we can make pregnancy & childbirth safe” C.Turlington @IMOWomen RT @rdivol

☆☞ 5 Ways to Be a Successful Businesswoman: Studies have shown that companies with diversity via @womenofhr

☆☞ Will a horrific bus gang-rape in Delhi finally change the awful status quo?  via @slate RT @ nahumg


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