Twitter Week in Review-W/E Dec 29, 2012

Twitter Week in Review w/e December 29, 2012
Some of My Fav Posts This Past Week

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˚) Biz: Career & Workplace/HR

☆☞ HR Taking a Stand between Employees and Management! by  Ian Welsh @ianclive

☆☞ Robot brings remote workers into the office via @mashable

☆☞19 Photos Of BuzzFeed’s Offices And 4 Things That Drive BuzzFeed’s Culture Of Win via @FastCoCreate

☆☞ Fascinating Portraits That Explain How Workplace Shapes Character   by Leigh Patterson via @flavorwire

☆☞ Back by Popular Demand:  Winning the NEW War by Irene Becker @justcoachit



˚) Biz: Creativity and Innovation:

☆☞ The ten most popular postings on Idea Champions Blog for 2012:  by @mitchditkoff

☆☞ 26 Ways to Kick Your Creative Block to the Curb!  by Mike Brown @brainzooming

☆☞ Here’s why YWI follows inventor stories — technology is “the great equalizer!” say Kenyan youth even 2 yr ago.  @ynginventors

☆☞ Make It Visual  by Tim Brown, CEO @ideo

☆☞ Finding problems is as important as finding solutions  by Jose Baldaia @jabaldaia

BONUS:  When Homo sapiens hit upon the power of art via @guardian



˚) Biz:  Leadership

☆☞ 33 HBR Blog Posts You Should Read Before 2013  by Katherine Bell via @harvardbiz

☆☞ The Four Stories You Need to Lead Deep Organizational Change by @stevedenning via @Forbes

☆☞ How To Manage Your Former Peers  by Amy Gallo @amyegallo via @harvardbiz

☆☞ How Treating Your Employees Like Turtles Can Smother Innovation  by Chris Derose & Noel Tichy via @forbes

☆☞ Making The Critical Shift Forward | Agile Management & Leadership at the Speed of Change  by Irene Becker @justcoachit



˚) Biz:  Small Business & Sales

☆☞ 2013: Small Businesses’s  Year To Thrive  by @loisgeller via @Forbes

☆☞ Working hard is not enough by Taffy Williams @twilli2861

☆☞ Reprise:  Business Plan Basics & Five Business Links by  Irene Becker @justcoachit

☆☞ 5 tips for using LinkedIn to promote your business via @sathishisaac rt @mqtodd

☆☞ Know Your Business Inside and Out: An Entrepreneur’s Tale by Daniel Newman @danielnewmanUV



˚) Biz: Social Media Marketing:

☆☞ ‘Gangnam Style’ And Other Best Memes Of 2012 Say Something About Us: @NPR RT @stratosathens

☆☞ The very first use of emoticons – March 30, 1881  via Maria Popova @brainpicker

☆☞7 Must Have SocialMedia Business Tools for Influence, Authority and Time Management   via @jeffbullas

☆☞ Six Rules of Blogging via @dukeo

☆☞ The Best Infographics of 2012 According to Fast Company via @fastcodesign



˚) Biz: Social Media Tech & Geekery:

☆☞ How to download your entire Twitter history  via @WSJ RT @ValaAfshar @calestous

☆☞ World Summit Award 2012 winners for Mobile Content via @WSAoffice MT @volkwyr

☆☞ Wired, Tired, Expired for 2012: From Stellar to Suck RT @ruhanirabin

☆☞ The Next 3 Years . . . The Three Most Disruptive Technology Trends | |Pivot Conference 2012  RT @MelissaGalt @drericwood

☆☞ Top 10 Useless but Funny USB Gadgets  via @shaanhaider  RT @AngelaMaiers @drericwood



˚) Education/Learning:

☆☞ A Parent’s Guide to 21st Century Learning  Free E-Book by@edutopia

☆☞ The Best 21 Educational Wikis of 2012 via @medkh9 RT @nmhs_principal

☆☞ Math formula gives new glimpse into magical mind of Ramanujan via @physorg_com  RT@engnunes

☆☞ A Simple Guide To 4 Complex Learning Theories –  and  http:// via @ Edudemic

☆☞ #Infographic: Ten Most Read Books In The World according to @galleycat  (click on pic for post)

Bonus:  The Top Edudemic Tweets Of 2012  via @edudemic


˚) Inspiring Quotes/Wisdom and Posts:

☆☞ It is of no consequence to a spade if a spoon calls it just a big spoon.  Calestous Juma

☆☞ A Brief History of Musical Firsts in Space  by Rebecca Rosen @beccarosen via @theatlantic

☆☞ With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.  Dalai Lama rt @ knolinfos

☆☞ The beginning is the half of every action. Peter Tarkonnen @ptarkonnen

☆☞ Perseverance Reigns When Incurable Disease Strikes – Extraordinary story of Jason Becker via @NYTimes  rt @drescotet


˚) International Development

☆☞Hope in the Face of Horror  by @MiaFarrow  via @independent RT@unicef

☆☞ The Fastest Billion: The Story Behind Africa’s Economic Revolution by Charles Robertson rt @calestous

☆☞ Amazing #BBC Hard Talk interviewTeodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea RT @calestous

☆☞ Estimated 30 Million Enslaved People Around The World  http://huff.lvWB4Kqj via @huffpostlive rt@socinnovators

☆☞ 2012 was a historic year for @UNPeacekeeping. rt @unicef @rotary

Bonus: The New Harvest-Agricultural Innovation in Africa by  Professor Calestous Juma @calestous @harvard


˚) Neuroscience & Psychology:

☆☞ Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain by Steven Pinker @sapinker:  RT @drescotet

☆☞ The Moral Animal via @nytimes rt @sammcnerney

☆☞ Dopamine Not About Pleasure (Anymore) via @creativitypost

☆☞ From the archives: Ted video HD TED: Carl Schoonover: How to look inside the brain (2012)  @tedfeed

☆☞ Kindness May Be Key to Happiness for Kids via @dopaminergic13


˚) Personal Development & Growth:

☆☞ Expect The Best  By @LollyDaskal

☆☞ 22 Quick Ways To Uplift Human Spirit via @modernlifeblogs @amitv_tweets

☆☞ Add some “spark” in 2013   by @lindasamuels

☆☞ Forty Things To Say Before You Die by Jessica Hagy via @Forbes

☆☞ Re-invent You by @MartinaMcGowan



˚) Science, Tech & Health:

☆☞ The Top Ten Most Popular Science Videos
by @foratv Congrats @theupexperience # 6!

☆☞ How fast does Santa fly? Your festive physics questions answered here MT @sciencemuseum RT @PBS @novapbs

☆☞ The Structure of Scientific Revolutions at Fifty – via The New Atlantis –  RT @drescotet

☆☞ How Animals See the World #Infographic RT @engnunes

☆☞ Wild Dolphins Give Humans Gifts   via @discovery mt @jamesallworth

BONUS: Nanofibers grow back brain cells of strokevictims a new blog post by brilliant 14 year old blogger @eric_juma… follow him/his blog!


˚) Sustainability & CSR

☆☞ Defending Spaceship Earth  by @ppbjerregaard via @huffpostgreen RT @frankcunhaIII

☆☞ Naughty or nice list as far as your carbon footprint goes? @CarnegieMellon has tips  MT @futuritynews

☆☞ Sustainability is the new Sexy, Think Green and you’ll see.  via @sustearth

☆☞ 13 Ways To Cultivate a Better Food System in 2013 |  via @sustbrands

☆☞ Yes, institutions are critical to sustainability!   by@GeorgeSerafeim and @iioannoulbs /@harvard and @londonbschool

☆☞ Societal Trends for Sustainability & the Corporate Sector (Video)   @rgeccles and @GeorgeSerafeim  @harvard


˚) Women:

☆☞ 2012 Women in Business and the Gender Gap Research and Statistics:  via @womenonbusiness

☆☞ How do you close the gender gap in developing countries? Via @TheAtlantic   rt @valaafshar

☆☞ More Female Board Directors= Improved Sustainability Performance via @BerkeleyHaas rt @womencorpdris

☆☞ 2012’s best and worst moments in women’s health  via @huffpostwomen

☆☞ Rape is global. Sexualized violence-tools of genocide & conflict. Must be understood to be stopped  mt @womenundrseige



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