Twitter Week in Review W/E Jan 19-12

Twitter Week in Review-W/E Jan 19, 2012
Some of My Fav Posts This Past Week

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Twitter Week in Review

Biz: Career-Talent Dev-Workplace-HR
Biz: Creativity & Innovation
Biz: Leadership
Biz: Social Media Marketing & Tech
Inspiring Quotes & Posts
International Development
Neuroscience & Psychology
Personal Development & Growth
Science, Tech & Health
Sustainability & CSR | Women




˚) Biz: Career & Workplace/HR

☆☞ To Change A Company You Need Intrapreneurs  (and exec coaches & trainers who can mentor/teach intrapreneurship!) by Jennifer Silberman via @fastcoexist

☆☞  Global Education to Employment webcast on “designing a system that works” via @mckinseysociety

☆☞  How to Leave Your Company to Advance Your Career  by @johnrbeeson via @harvardbiz

☆☞ 6 Self-Serving BehavioursThat Will Torpedo Your Team by @jesselynstoner (click on pic)

☆☞ The 8 Enablers of JOY  By Louise Altman @intentionalcomm

Bonus HR, Leadership, Technology +  Talent Management Predictions for 2013-Yr of Global Imbalances via @forbes


˚) Biz: Creativity and Innovation

☆☞ How to Balance Innovation and the Comfort of the Familiar  @FRANKCUNHAIII

☆☞ Lessons in creativity and problem-solving from Sherlock Holmes via Maria Popova @brainpicker

☆☞Artist Craig Costello on moving beyond creativity blocks Think Jar Collective  RT @davidholzmer

☆☞ Pixel art of faces made from rubik’s cubes (you will get it when you see it and say ‘wow’)  RT @berkun

☆☞Brilliant Designers Live By These 3 Rules via @Inc


˚) Biz: Leadership

☆☞  “Conscious Capitalism” Is Not an Oxymoron – @HarvardBiz

☆☞Interesting read by @thegladlab: One Leadership Skill That Will Set You Apart via @Inc RT @dougconant

☆☞ How Leaders Kill Meaning at Wk @mckquarterly rt @drparkave  AND Post about Meaningful Wk

7 Traits of Inspirational People, And What Leaders Can Learn  via @leadchangegroup

Bonus My Posts on Leadership and Talent Development  by @wallybock


 ˚) Biz: Small Business, Startups & Sales

☆☞  How to Use Photoshop (for the design impared)  by Desmond Wong via @hubspot

☆☞  Where are businesses putting their Marketing Dollars?  via @rieva

☆☞ 3 Dangerous (But Common) Hurdles Sales and Marketing via @hubspot RT @branding_guy

☆☞  Average Two Year Revenue Growth 1131%- List of top 50 Canadian Growth Companies Profit Magazine

☆☞ Steve Case sees Los Angeles as entrepreneurial hotspot in a ‘rise of the rest’ RT@ Capra_Girl @shashib


˚) Biz: Social Media Marketing:

☆☞ What Happened In 1 Minute On Social Netwks in 2012 @Socialeyezer @cobradave via @bitrebels (click on pic for post)

☆☞  Infographic: The Hidden Value of Long Tail Keywords @johnaguiar  (click on pic)

☆☞ 4 Customer Service Lessons from the Biggest Brands on Twitter by @crmadvice via @jaybaer

☆☞ 5 SEO Mistakes That Even Experts Miss  via @quicksprout rt @johnaguiar

☆☞ How to Cultivate a Content Culture at Your Company by Desmond Wong via @hubspot


˚) Education/Learning:

☆☞ “An Incredible Soul”: Larry Lessig Remembers Aaron Swartz After Cyberactivist’s Suicide @democracynow RT @pamelascully

☆☞ 10 Literary Board Games for Book Nerdsvia @flavorwire (click on pic for post)

☆☞ 50 Of The Best Resources For iPads In Education @degreetrend

☆☞ So lovely: Illustrated six-word memoirs by students from grade school to grad school  via @brainpicker

☆☞ Psychological Ecology – Education & Environment via @psychtoday RT @drescotet


˚) Inspiring Quotes/Wisdom and Posts:

☆☞ What is love? A collections of beautiful definitions from 200 years of literary history via Maria Popova @brainpickings

☆☞  If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito.  African Proverb RT@calestous

☆☞  Be curious. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. If you’re not growing, you’re not living. Jesse Lyn Stoner  @jesselynstoner

☆☞ Dr. Martin Luther King’s Social Media Dream via @heidicohen

☆☞ Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. -Albert Einstein RT @ptarkkonen


˚) International Development & Social Good

☆☞ Bill Gates interview: I have no use for money. This is God’s work by Neil Tweetie via @Telegraph rt @PeterASinger

☆☞ Latest trend in the fight against poverty and inequity: Good news!  by @viewfromthecave. via @tompaulson

☆☞ Snack Maker @twodegreesfood Biz Model Aids Hunger Relief via @voa_news

☆☞ Europe sleepwalking into “Chindiafrica” century? The F24 interview  RT @armengeorgian 

☆☞ India celebrates 2 years w/o polio. Now India is sharing lessons  (via @nytindia) RT @gateshealth

Bonus Can we end extreme poverty by 2030? Jasmine Whitbread, CEO Save the Children

˚) Neuroscience & Psychology:

☆☞ How Neuroscience is Creating “a Brain New World”  by @maniebosman

☆☞ One form of neuron turned into another in brain  RT @drescotet

☆☞  Fascinating study showing early memory-habit seeds of synesthesia by @neurocritic  MT@danielbor

☆☞  Four Great Ways To Get Great Ideas by Susan Perry via @psychtoday 

☆☞ The dark side of behaviour at work  by @jonsutton via @occdigest RT @psychmag


˚) Personal Development & Growth:

☆☞ 10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day  @Inc rt @capster9

☆☞  Goal Setting: Part 2 of Your New Year Personal/Professional Success Plan by @phylissmuffson

☆☞ Ten Inspiring Coming Out Speeches  via @flavorwire

☆☞ The Secret to Defeating Manipulators by Dan Rockwell @leadershipfreak

☆☞ The secret to feeling like you have more time  Great 3 min video by Melanie Rudd @Beatlesfan135 MT @danielpink


˚) Science, Tech & Health: 
☆☞  Audi cars now park themselves-first automaker with an “autonomous” vehicle license in Nevada.

☆☞   Indian designer creates smartphone for the blind

☆☞ How tadpoles re-grow their tails: New Findings & Implications for Human Healing:

☆☞ Test your lung health by breathing at your cell phone   RT @smartplanet @calestous

☆☞  2010 13,186 people died in terrorist attacks worldwide-31,672 people in USA died fr gun-related incidents


˚) Sustainability & CSR

☆☞.@NASA_EO shares image comparison of Beijing air quality…visible from space  rt @thecic

☆☞ Combining entertainment & education to help create a healthier, greener world for our children. RT @thegood100

☆☞ 3 reasons businesses should target consumer food waste  RT @greenbiz

☆☞ HP’s innovative Executive Briefing Center integrates commitment to sustainability and progress RT @3BLMedia

☆☞ HultPrize Case 2013 Released – Social Enterprise Challenge Food Security in Urban Slums by 2018 RT @campbellsoupcsr

Bonus Download @msftcitizenship new mobile app HelpBridge, which helps you get & give help during a natural disaster RT @companies4good


˚) Women:

☆☞ A moving account of what it is like to be raped and have no one believe you.   RT @pamelascully

☆☞ The Single Best Women’s Salary Strategy for 2013 via @Forbes

☆☞ 12 Quotes & Images I Love   via @shequotes

☆☞ About Lauren Wolfe, director of the Women Under Siege site. Fabulous. @Wolfe321 via @pamelascully

☆☞ WomenForgingPeace – Day One: “I will meet you there.” Powerful blog post by staffer Rachel Vincent  RT @nobelwomen



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