Twitter Week in Review-W/E Nov 10-12

Twitter Week in Review w/e Nov 10-12
Some of My Fav Posts This Past Week

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˚) Business  & Workplace Leadership

☆☞America’s Best Performing Small Public Companies (less than $1 billion in revenue) #business

☆☞The Digital 100: The World’s Most Valuable Private #Tech Companies #business #global

☆☞Avoid losing the superheroes in your workforce – give them the opportunity to use their powers for good.  rt @kotterintl

☆☞Leaders, Employee Engagement is Uniquely Personal by @katenasser  #SwitchandShift rt @tedcoine #tchat

☆☞The skills required to hold the title of CEO. Via @forbes


˚) Biz Teambuilding & Performance Management

☆☞Excellent EBook: Toxic Teams – by @LianeDavey @KnightsbridgeCA #teambuilding #leadership

☆☞A Wellspring of the Mojo Teams Need To Succeed via @forbes  #Leadership #teambuilding rt @victorlipman1

☆☞+1 RT @HarvardBiz Broaden Your Org Perspective- Where You Sit Determines What You See #leadership #mgmt #teambuilding

☆☞Virtual Teaming >> via @knealemann << Combine leading edge #it and #hr to make it work rt @trevorblee

☆☞The Skills Most #Leaders Don’t Have via @zite #PMOT rt @cheriessner


˚) Biz-Small Business & Sales

☆☞Excellent Post Project Management Post: – Innovate Small Business Growth with Six Sigma rt @sorenkaplan #smallbiz

☆☞5 Crazy Ways to get buyers to your website by @lilachbulloch #smm #smallbiz #website

☆☞The golden rule as applied to business #startup #entreprneur @twilli2861

☆☞7 Paradoxical Sales Principles by Jill Konrath #sales

☆☞Is Your Sales Strategy Based On Assumptions?  rt@charleshgreen #sales #communication


˚)Careers & HR

☆☞What Hiring Managers Want In A Good Job Candidate #workplace #TChat @talentculture

☆☞5 Reasons #Leaders Hire #Veterans @MeghanMBiro @Forbes #TChat #Leadership rt @tedcoine|

☆☞30 Minute Makeover to Make Your Resume Sparkle by @youternmark

☆☞Resume strategy 101 – brilliantly explained by @tombolt … rt@resumestrategy

☆☞The 10 Best Companies for WorkLife Balance Benefits | Chris Fields via SmartRecruiters –


˚)Creativity, Innovation and Design

☆☞#Creativity and the benefit of unexpected questions RT @Jabaldaia

☆☞“Performing horizontal eye movement exercises can boost your creativity”  rt @researchdigest

☆☞Love it! 75 Mysteries Of Science, Gorgeously Illustrated | Fast Company Design

☆☞ Visionary Buckminster Fuller via @ilovemyarch #design #architecture

☆☞Bogged down by creative challenges? 9 Extreme #Creativity Questions of Peter’s Laws  @brainzooming


˚) Education

☆☞Student Blog Feedback – Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration:  rt @openinnovation

☆☞The Immeasurable and Enduring Role of Teachers via @DrPriceMitchell rt @edudemic

☆☞Microsoft YouthSpark Brings Education Tools To Underserved Students

☆☞The 100 Best Learning Tools Of 2012 As Chosen By You via @edudemic

☆☞5 Essentials of Education Inspired by Maria Montessori – ModernLifeBlogs RT @catalyst303 #edu #edtech


˚) Inspiring Posts & Quotes

☆☞Inspirational #Mustread  Amputee, Zac Vawter  To Climb One of the World’s Tallest Buildings -

☆☞How To Turn Your Life Around & Embrace A New You – ModernLifeBlogs

☆☞Get Inspired! 27 sights that will remind you how incredible Earth is  ll RT  @CNNGo @TBEXevents RT @anntran_

☆☞It’s never too late to be what you might have been. George Eliot #quote rt @ptarkkonen

☆☞“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” -John Lennon #quote Rt @ptarkkonen

˚)Neuroscience & Psychology

☆☞Inside the unconscious brain – #Neuroscience via MIT – rt @MiguelEscotet

☆☞DEVELOPING YOUR GREATEST GIFT – The Super Brain Credo explains, how the mind relates to the brain.  rt @deepakchopra

☆☞All in the Mind – How Language Shapes Thought #cognition #communication

☆☞RT @miguelescotet Cognitive And Affective Variables That Should Rule #Education #Psychology #Learning

☆☞“The Language of How We Talk About the Language of the Brain” via @DrMelanieG


˚) Personal Development

☆☞The 50 Best Quotes on Self-Love by @DrMelanieG via @PsychToday

☆☞9 Things You Can Do to Be Happy in the Next 30 Minutes. Surprising ways to instantly improve your mood.

☆☞5 Little Findings To Uncover Your Passion & Keep It Alive – ModernLifeBlogs  @modernlifeblogs @amitv_tweets

☆☞True Happiness-Transformational Joy by Irene Becker  @justcoachit

☆☞The Secret to Personal Development and Growth by Irene Becker @justcoachit


☜(˚▽˚)☞ Social Good

☆☞Innovative idea! Using #mobile to disrupt violence & create more peaceful communities: @NextBillion

☆☞What The Social Sector Can Learn From American Idol, Yelp And Kickstarter -@forbes  rt @investorscircle

☆☞Building A Smarter World, One Girl At A Time   @forbes

☆☞“Empathy is one of our highest human skills and holds families and societies together.” Nurture it:  @ashokachangemakers

☆☞Why #teachers must be the agents of change: via  @takepart @ed4excellence rt @gatesed


˚) Sustainability and #CSR

☆☞#Sustainability Pays @HarvardBiz RT @solarfeeds

☆☞Harvard’s New Ecological Urbanism App Offers A Glimpse Of Our Urban Future  rt @jranck

☆☞Thought leaders @tsstweets  wrestle with the question, “what will Capitalism 2.0 look like”   rt @bradzarnett

☆☞How To Build a Sustainable Economy  @goodb  #sustainability #economy

☆☞A lot of fascinating statistics proving that social ventures are more popular than ever. @good


 (˚˚)Science, Tech and Health

☆☞RT @calestous Left to our own devices: Batteries not required, just plug into ear cells

☆☞Discovery may help nerve regeneration in spinal injury | KurzweilAI #healthrt @johnnosta

☆☞Discovery Could Be ‘Life-Changer’ For Millions With MS, Stroke & Brain Damage: #MS #stroke #neuroscience

☆☞Wowzer!  Futuristic Food Packaging You Can Eat, Even After Washing It-Prof D. Edwards via Fast Co

☆☞“Cyber-Doctors” & Simple Diagnostic Tools to Help Conquer #Pneumonia in India #wpd2012 via @gateshealth



☆☞Important: The Global Gender Agenda | McKinsey Reports #women #diversity #leadership

☆☞Amazing crowd sourced data on micro corruption from @ipaidabribe. 1.2 million hits. Started in India, spreading the West. #ygl #fb rt @robynscott

☆☞1 in 3 new members of Congress are women! Charts: Ladyparts Strike Back | Mother Jones  rt @fempeace

☆☞“6 Ways To Talk To Your Son About Male Violence and #HealthyMasculinity #endabuse #VAW rt @msfoundation

☆☞ECB head defends ‘gender concerns’ –  –  rt @a_wittenbergcox #women #diversity

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