Twitter Wk in Review-Favs from the Twitterverse for w/e Dec 1-2012

Twitter Week in Review w/e December 1-12
Some of My Fav Posts This Past Week

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˚) Business & Workplace Leadership

☆☞ 12 Things Collaborative Leaders Do by @jesselynstoner

☆☞ The NEW Leader by Irene Becker @justcoachit

☆☞ Leadership and the Art of Plate Spinning via @McKquarterly

☆☞400 leaders from Canadian private cos. reveal their growth strategies.  @pwc_canada_llp

☆☞ 5 Ways Social Learning Communities Transform Culture + Leadership  by @meghanmbiro via @Forbes

BONUS ☆☞ Leadership Series-@GatesFoundation: Vulnerability and Inspired Leadership  by @BreneBrown


˚) Business Teambuilding & Performance Management

☆☞How Leaders Retard Customer Service Excellence by @katenasser

☆☞ Performance Management Lessons from Goldilocks by Jane Perdue @thehrgodess

☆☞ Steps to Success –  @LeadToday

☆☞ SocialMedia is making you a smarter leader   @MidmarketIBM

☆☞ Control or Engagement. Never Both rt @tedcoine

˚) Business-Small Business & Sales

☆☞7 Key Habits of Super Networkers  via @entmagazine RT @ericadiamond

☆☞50 Facebook facts that’ll fascinate small businesses  @lilachbullock

☆☞ Why Entrepreneurs Matter New Report from Deloitte  RT @eopenshaw

☆☞ What Makes You Unique? Creating a Strong Personal Brand  via @lizkingevents RT @nickkellet

☆☞ Business Insanity Talk radio show with @barrymoltz had over 10K listeners last wk!


˚)Business-Social Media Marketing & Branding

☆☞ 5 Online communities you need to check out  RT @_hrblogger:

☆☞The Can’t Miss Social Media Trends for 2013! @fastcompany MT @tamicann

☆☞ The 12 Most Memorable Marketing Campaigns of 2012 by @laureni  rt @togomedia

☆☞ 8 Great Twitter Tools That Will Get YOU Tweeting Like a Pro (click on pic) @jeffbullas

☆☞Your Blog is Your Portfolio  via @dukeo  rt @meghanmbiro

BONUS☆☞ The World’s Top 20 Social Brands via @markfidelman RT @MeghanMBiro


˚)Careers & HR

☆☞Compensation Guide: Pay Bands, Pay Scales, & Other #HR Jargon   rt @bloggingforjobs

☆☞7 Traits Of Extraordinary Bosses via @forbes RT @ceodotcom

☆☞ True Life: Surefire Ways to Tank Your Job Interview  via @blackenterprise

☆☞ Deloite Global survey report of #HR, #talent, reveals global talent mobility trends. @deloitte

☆☞Bonus:  Is HR the next big thing? @fastcompany rt @davidrock101



˚) Creativity, Innovation and Design

☆☞5 People Vital to Critical Thinking  by Mike Brown @brainzooming

☆☞How Rejection Breeds Creativity @markmcguinness

☆☞Inside the sketchbooks of the world’s most exciting designers and illustrators @frankverheijden

☆☞ For Workaholics: A Keyboard Design With A Lunch Bowl Built In  via @bitrebels rt @nahumg

☆☞ Innovate by Looking for Problem Patterns (video) @claychristensen: RT @IdeaXplorer @ralph_ohr


˚) Education

☆☞ Schools Infuse Arts and Other ‘Essentials’ via Education Week rt @drescotet

☆☞ Five Fascinating Facts We Learned From Reddit This Week via @mashable

☆☞ Reinventing Education To Teach Creativity And Entrepreneurship @fastcompany

☆☞The daily routines of famous writers, 2012’s best science books and more  @brainpicker

☆☞[Free Download] A Parent’s Guide to 21st-Century Learning  @edutopia


˚) Inspiring Posts & Quotes

☆☞ The Most Important Lesson in Life? Wonderful Poster by @fsonnenberg

☆☞ 5 Tips to Journey through Life like a Master  via @amitv_tweets

☆☞Free E-Books for Download  @dramitinspires

☆☞ Never tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon. Petteri Tarkkonen @ptarkkonen

☆☞ Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision ~ Peter Drucker rt @hrquotes

˚) Neuroscience & Psychology

☆☞ Neuroscience and Business Strategy How to Hack Your Brain Part 1:  Trumping Cultural Triggers  via @forbes

☆☞The Five Senses as a Rorschach Test  via @Nathan_Safran rt @meghanmbiro

 ☆☞Mediation combined with art therapy can change your brain and lower anxiety rt @drescotet

☆☞Six Habits of Highly Empathic People | Greater Good via @drmarsha

☆☞ Best psychology books of 2012: via @davidrock101

BONUS ☆☞The brain’s activity encoded as music: Very cool to hear ! RT @davidrock101


˚) Personal Development & Personal Leadership

☆☞ Let Go of Your Crutch and Lead From Your Center  by @Wendy Appel

☆☞Unclutter Your Home and Your Life @MartinaMcGowan

☆☞The Ugly Truth About Time Management via @MRGottschalk

☆☞The Six Attributes of Courage by @drmelanieg for @psychtoday

☆☞ Winning the New War  by Irene Becker @justcoachit

Bonus ☆☞  Flourish: A New Understanding of Well-being – Positive Psychology exercises.  


˚) Social Good

☆☞Amartya Sen: economist, philosopher, human development doyen | Simon Reid-Henry  via @guardian rt @calestous

☆☞Eyeballs + Impact: R We Measuring the Right Things if We Care About Social Progress? via @gatesfoundation

☆☞ Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 2012 | Joseph Rowntree Foundation –  RT @DrEscotet: @lauraserrano10

☆☞How Tribalism Stunts African Democracy by Professor @Calestous Juma @harvard via @bbc #Africa #democracy

☆☞ How to Fix Your Soul-Star by Fixing the World  by Umair Hague for @harvardbiz


˚) Sustainability and #CSR

☆☞ Find out how you can stay up-to-date with the world of sustainable business  RT @ethical_corp:

☆☞ 7 Ways to Change Habits to Change Our World by Julie Urlaub, @TaigaCompany

☆☞Why CFOs Need to Care About Sustainability  via @huffingstonpost RT @bradzarnett

☆☞ The 10 Most Generous Social Media Mavens via @fastcoexist

☆☞ Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. – Howard Zinn rt @sustearth


˚) Science, Tech and Health

☆☞Mobile #Tech: The End Of The Smartphone Era Is Coming  via @sai

☆☞5 Historical Myths About Real Scientific Discoveries  rt @matthiasrascher

☆☞Astronomers find ‘homeless’ planet wandering through space  via @physorg_com rt @futurecon

☆☞50 Technologies That Will Change the World (Technorati)  rt @innovationwatch

☆☞ Alzheimer’s disease in mice alleviated: Promising therapeutic approach for humans rt @calestous

BONUS☆☞: 9 Foods that Naturally Detox You  @drparkave


˚) Women

☆☞ Kudos!  @CNN video @rainasow founder Make EVERY Woman Count monitoring rights of women in Africa

☆☞Microfinance Is Good for Women, but It’s Only Part of the Solution by DeAnne Aguire for @harvardbiz

☆☞Vitamin D Linked to Women’s Cognitive Performance  via @psychcentral

☆☞ Five ways to add years to your life  via @womenshealthub RT@iwomenhealthmag

☆☞Deloitte female leaders share success stories & offer lessons to next-gen women leaders in @ICEDRonline report [pdf]


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