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Up Your Game | Insights, Tips & Tools

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Satisficing will not lead us forward, nor will remaining entrenched in best practices that no longer work.The need to find new ways, faster ways and better ways to develop talent, optimize learning/relearning, enhance communication, collaboration and leadership is critical.

Change is NOT a threat, it is our greatest power. Words make worlds.  The more you say that change is difficult, the more difficult it will become.  Start thinking forward by using words that inspire and empower you to use the changes you face to R-E-A-C-H™ (Redirect focus – Empower Confidence – Communicate Effectively – Harvest Results) 

Start getting re-inspired by what YOU can DO in the face of change, challenges and complexity  Pie in the sky?  Think again.  I had the pleasure of listening to Irene speak at the PMI Symposium in March 2013. Irene’s energy was powerful. Her knowledge and passion on the subject of 3Q Edge and how it is key to business success was evident. She had many points that I resonated with. Her focus on the positive aspects of business was refreshing. She is endearing, knowledgeable and engaging. She even got 300 PMPs to roar at the end of her Keynote…Fabulous! Adriana Girdler CET, PMP  President, CornerStone Dynamics Inc.

There is no time like the present to take a new, fresh look at what YOU can do, what your people can do to  inspire, engage and empower the fire of human purpose, potential and results. Here are three articles, replete with practical tools and tips to help you disrupt the status quo, by using change and challenges to communicate, collaborate and LEAD forward!
From Now To How
The Thriving Organization: Ten Steps Out Of Jurassic Park
Win the Race with Wolves-Ten Steps to Living, Leading and Learning Forward

Ten Ways To Build Your 3Q Leadership Edge (IQ-EQ-SQ)
Women & Leadership:  Ten Steps Forward for Men and Women
The Pause:  A 3 Minute Mindfulness Tool  To Help you Re-charge and Re-power

More? YOU Betcha!   How To Improve Your Corporate Culture by Adriana Girdler



I am committed to helping smart people and organizations use changes-challenges-strengths to optimize and catalyze their potential to communicate & LEAD FORWARD.  Use changes and challenges to improve communication, management, leadership…career success?
Yes, the proof is in ten years of inspiring and outstanding results! 

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