Using Failure To Succeed: 7 Practical, Powerful Tips

Using Failure To Succeed:  7 Practical, Powerful Tips
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Using Failure To Succeed

What do I know about failure?  A great deal.  What do I know about failing forward?  A great deal more than most! The gamut of failures I have faced and used to grow, learn, innovate and extrapolate my own potential, the failures I have helped others use to understand and optimize their potential are written on the walls of my life and my career. I have failed in just about every successful area of my life and career.  Some of my failures have been spectacular, many of them have been the normal journey of skinning my knees, of falling down and doing something wrong so that I could learn how to do it right.


Today, one of the things I do best and most is help others recognize failures and use them as a lever for their greatest potential by building three essential Q strengths that grow at the speed of change

Q1: IQ-Learning and relearning faster, being able to think strategic and creatively in high stress arenas, using challenges as levers for solutions.

Q2: EQ-Building communication, collaboration, resiliency through emotional self awareness, awareness of the feelings of others, using/transforming what we feel into our ability to build communication, collaboration and resiliency.

Q3: SQ-The intrinsic motivation that holds together the fabric of our greatest potential:  Values, integrity and an alignment with the greatest good that defines true leadership and sustainable success.

Here are seven simple, powerful and practical ways to turn failure around.  Ways to use failures and challenges to grow, evolve and expand your potential to succeed!

Let Go Of Denial.  DO not deny, do not react, respond to a failure by refusing to chase your loses, refusing to beat yourself up or berate your ability.  Champion the failure by using it as a learning tool, a growth tool that can help you see your strengths and areas of challenge with new eyes.

Don’t try to get it right, focus on doing the right thing.  In the face of failure the greatest question we can asks is whether our decision, whether our state of mind and actions were in alignment with the values, integrity and purpose that are the underpinning of all sustainable success.  If your SQ was in alignment, it is time to take another look at the failure before you and decide if it is an acceptable loss or a learning tool that can help you grow your ability to ideation, think, solve and develop emotional power and resiliency in new ways, powerful ways that will help you optimize your true potential.

Reinterpret your loss or failure by training yourself to see the failure as a stepping stone to your personal growth and success. Every failure is an opportunity to reflect (rather than react), tame your ego (need of external validation), apply health self love and respect so that you can learn to adapt, grow and decide whether the idea you had, the decisions you made will help you evolve and move forward or get stuck on and with what you feel you cannot do and must deny.

Expose yourself to new ideas. Experiment, push yourself to try new ways of thinking and doing that can help you improve and enhance your ability to learn/relearn while keeping SQ (values, purpose, integrity firmly in place).

Remove toxic emotions from the equation.  Remove negative emotions that drain your self confidence, attack your self esteem. Use the perceived failure to become more self aware and make decisions around whether there is a new way of thinking, doing, learning, adapting that can catapult your success or you need to extrapolate the positive learning from this experience and move on.

Don’t get too attached to your plan, get attached to the SQ (values, integrity, purpose) behind your plan.  Attach yourself to the intrinsic motivators that can help you grow, adapt, evolve and decide how you are going to use the failure before you to either find a new and better way to succeed or to decide that you need to focus on a different horizon.

Self validate. Get empowered by who you really are, by your ability to survive and even thrive in the face of failure.  Focus  not on the failure, but on what you can learn, how you can grow and your ability to use each failure or challenge to build the intrinsic motivation the SQ (integrity, purpose, values) that will help you grow, evolve and adapt in ways that are purposeful and positive.

We cannot stop the wave of change, challenges, opportunity and competition before us, but we can learn to use challenges and failures as lever for our  greatest potentialLearning to fail forward is not only the stepping stone of those who will lead greatly, it is the pivot point for everyone and anyone who wants to grow, evolve, adapt and succeed in the 21st century. We are all touched by the wave, and learning to ride it means developing a new relationship with changes, challenges and failures that helps us reach past what is to create what can be.

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