Victim to Victor

Victim to Victor
©  Irene Becker,


We want life to be an easy path, but it is not. The sooner that we recognize that life is a not easy, the better.  Life is difficult.  It is a hard, tough journey.   But, it is also challenging and exciting adventure, a treasured gift.  How do we move from a focus of difficulty to a consistent expression of appreciation and joy? How do we move past the obstacles, the wounds of the past that we all face?  It all starts with choice.  Every day, every day you choose to be either a victor or a victim of life.

Victors choose the hard road, the path of personal power and positive change They chose the road less traveled.  A road of life by design, a path that reflects their values and their vision.  Victims choose the easier path and in so doing become prisoners of a life spent by default.  Victors live life with passion and purpose, victims just spend their life on autopilot, on a journey of default in which they dance to another man’s drummer and never find their true path.  Victims and victors come in all sizes, shapes, economic and social classes.  If you look closely you will see them in every station of life.

If you are victor reach out this week and inspire a colleague a friend to seize the day with passion and purpose.  If you are a victim, do not despair. Carpe diem.  You can change your thoughts, your beliefs, your habits to reflect your personal power and your ability to live life by design.  The first step starts with awareness and appreciation.  Each day, each moment holds the seed of possibility for positive change and growth.  What is your drummer?  What is your design?  What dreams and values do you hold dear to your heart that you need to express?   Are we impelled and propelled forward by values that speak to our true purpose, or by ego that will hold us in the embrace of false security and meaningless victories?

It is never too late to embrace self love and self worth.  We can choose to walk the hero’s journey to the destination of our choice, to a life well spent.  The choice is now.  If you hear the call, take one small step today to move past fear, past habitual excuses, past negative self talk and self criticism that holds you back. Tomorrow take another step towards a greater goal.  Hear the call.  Victory awaits you.

© Irene Becker

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