What 3Q Leadership Means | Insights And Action Steps

What 3Q Leadership Means | Insights & Action Steps (Including 5 bonus posts, a reading list of 10 Leadership Great Reads and 2 inspiring videos)

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Leadership is a 3Q equation supported by courage. Courage grows each time we align intelligence (IQ) + humanity (EQ) + integrity (SQ)


3Q Leadership Insights And ActionI believe in our ability to lead forward, our ability to cleave to the noblest ideals, the highest values while learning new ways, better ways, faster ways to optimize our talent and potential that will take us forward towards a better present and future.

If you do not hear the call, listen.  The echo of our true potential is written on the walls of our communities, our organizations and imprinted on our souls.  Most people will bury their head in the sand, some will run and hide, but the minority of people who rise to the challenges before them form a lever that can change one life, many lives…and the world for the better.


Sharing leadership quotes and links to posts/practical advice on 3Q  Leadership that I hope you enjoy as well as five bonus posts, a reading list of great leadership books and 2 inspiring videos!


• Leadership means negotiating dark corners w/ the integrity-courage-humanity + wisdom to see thru + past the fog!     ( What Does Leadership Really Mean?  http://bit.ly/TqxT6e)


 Leadership means finding new ways, better ways, faster ways to build a learning organization, but a living, thriving organization where adaptive communication, management and leadership thrive.  ( The Thriving Organization:  Ten Power Steps Out Of Jurassic Park http://bit.ly/16RgPjM )
• Leadership means growing women leaders; developing new, faster better ways for women and men to draw upon/learn from each other  ( Women And Leadership:  Ten Power Steps Forward For Women And Men bit.ly/17L4kE7 )


 Leadership means great leadership development that empowers, enables and actualizes our ability to win.  (Mission Critical: Championing-Empowering-Enabling Our Individual and Organizational Ability to WIN  http://bit.ly/1400T0F ) 


• Leadership means building essential strengths that optimize potential and drive results at the speed of change  ( Ten Practical Ways To Build Essential Success Skills At The Speed of Change  http://bit.ly/145DUBw )


• Leadership means choosing to be part of the human solution by feeling your real power and using it empower the best in yourself and others.  (The Empowerment Compendium http://bit.ly/16RhbqA )


• Leadership means building the 3Q skills that can help you optimize resiliency, leadership, communication, collaboration, social responsibility, problem solving, creativity, and self-actualization.  (3Q Leadership and REACH Benefits-And Why I Have Dedicated My Life To This Work http://bit.ly/15BMwv8 )

  Leadership means failing forward by using failure to build resiliency, whole brain thinking, creativity, innovation & results  (The Secret to Success Is Failing Forward:  Mastering A Critical Life And Leadership Skill http://bit.ly/19q4rLV )

• Leadership means empowering, enabling, actualizing our greatest individual and organizational potential and results  in the face of change, challenges, crises. ( Leadership Means Winning The Silent War That Is Destroying People And Organizations From Inside Out  http://bit.ly/13ZXlLS   )


 Leadership means finding simple, practical and powerful ways to start moving from NO to GO, by resetting default patterns that perpetuate reaction vs response, stasis vs growth, slipping into reverse vs optimizing potential.  ( Leadership Means Moving From No to GO By Optimizing Potential, Results And Well-Being At The Speed Of Change : http://bit.ly/12IuGIg )


• Leadership means achieving success in a new, non-linear eco-system by recognizing, embracing and building our incredible ability to adapt, learn-relearn and grow. (The Success Ladder Is Gone:  Insights On Succeeding Without It In A Non-Linear Eco-System  http://bit.ly/13ZQTVh )


• Leadership means developing environments where meaningful work and engagement thrive has become critical on a multiplicity of levels that impact the business bottom line( Ten Steps To Building Employee Engagement http://bit.ly/13ZQP7T )


Leadership means integrity, humanity, courage; say these words, use them and incorporating them in your life and work because purpose = profit on a multiplicity of levels. ( Ten Ways To Lead Forward In Times Of Complexity And Change http://bit.ly/16Rihm7 )


 Leadership means understanding what emotional intelligence is and why it is critical to your life, your career and the optimization of human potential.  ( Smart And Fast Are Not Enough:  The Need For Better EQ http://bit.ly/16RgTQz )


  Leadership means building our ability to use strengths and challenges to R-E-A-C-H™:  Redirect focus, Enhance confidence, Actualize potential, Communicate effectively, Harvest results  ( Disrupt The Status Quo: Make The Critical Shift Forward: http://bit.ly/UdSn7y )


• Leadership means building a community of thought and action; a community of purpose because success is a me to WE equation.  ( Leadership Means Developing A Community Of Purpose  http://bit.ly/16RgHRj )


• Leadership means taking every opportunity to reinforce the foundation of your house by building a culture of integrity and engagement.  ( Ten Steps To Building Employee Engagement http://bit.ly/16RiINe ) 

• Leadership means understanding the secret to personal development and growth. ( The Secret To Personal Development And Growth  http://bit.ly/13ZQphV )


• Leadership means building social, digital and cross generational communication  ( From Now To How:  Building Social, Digital And Cross Generational Leadership  http://bit.ly/16NbEC6 )

•  Leadership means opening the door to a better present and future.  (Words Make Worlds: Opening The Door To A Better Present And Future http://buff.ly/13CfqPN )


More?  You Betcha.
Goodness To Greatness Leadership-7 Steps from Me To We
The New Leader
Against All Odds:  A True Story of Hope, Faith, Courage And Leadership
The Leadership Compendium:  Leading Forward In The Face Of Change, Complexity, Crisis
The Individual And Organizational Imperative To Do Good In The World

More?  Yes, some Great Leadership Reads From Leadership Experts!

HBR’s Ten Must Reads On Leadership
A Real Look at Real World Corporate Governance by David Larcker, Brian Tayan
The Esssential Bennis by Warren Bennis
The Essential Drucker
by Peter Drucker
The Leadership Engine by Noel Tichy
Building The Bridge As You Walk On It by Robert Quinn
Serve To Lead by James Strock
The Truth About Leadership By James Kouzes and Barry Posner
Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, Anne McGee
Servant Leadership by Robert Greenleaf

More?  Yes, Two Hopefully Inspiring Videos About Leading Forward In The Face Of Challenges!
Extraordinary Women Interview
Interview With Resiliency Expert Michael Ballard On Resiliency And Success


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