True Power-True Happiness

True Power-True Happiness

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The power that we seek, and the power that we encounter in our life and our work is often counterfeit power. False power can be detected because it is based on the ability to use position and authority to manipulate or control others.  While false power may lead to short term success, it inevitably creates long term failure because it stymies communication, creativity, innovation and the ability to use every change as a fulcrum for opportunity.  When we use false power, we forget that the success of any organization today starts with is its people. From another perspective, a personal viewpoint, the success and the joy of our personal life journey cannot be accomplished without engaging our true power.

As we move into a flatter and more connected world power by force, counterfeit power,  will become the least efficient way to produce results
.  While power used to represent the ability to control the forces of production; in a world where ideas have become the currency of success, the greatest power that we can get or give is the true power that is founded on integrity and our ability to bring out the best in ourselves and in others. We can each access our true power, but the lure of counterfeit power offers what appears to be an easier, quicker solution. Using the force- false power, to manipulate others is much easier and faster than inspiring others to work with us in collaboration to reach a universal and collective goal that speaks to our best self and our best work.


Our economy, our society, our world, and our lives cry out for true power. In a world of constant change we need more than the short term positional advantage that false power brings. We need to cultivate true power as a personal code of conduct that will create our personal advantage, our ability to inspire the best in ourselves and others.   We can each do our part by stretching out of the comfort zone to embrace the values, the integrity to be open and honest with ourselves and with others.   Often, true power means absorbing a bit of short term pain for long term gain.  Winning is no longer about just beating the competition, because our competition can change as fast as one day turns to another.

Winning  means finding our true power and using it to cultivate our personal and collective advantage, our purpose, our potential—our happiness



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