Turn Negativity Around: 3 Simple-Practical-Powerful Ways To Reset The Internal GPS

Turn Negativity Around: 3 Simple-Practical-Powerful Ways To Reset The Internal GPS (Including 13 Bonus Links)

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Three Powerful, Practical Ways To Do A Human ResetThe mindset that took us forward in the past, will not lead us forward.  We are living in a whole new world, a brave new world where the best and brightest among us are pioneers facing a new frontier of unprecedented change, challenges, complexity and opportunity.  Best practices must be practices in the no, Skills  development must focus on whole brain thinking, enhancing our ability to learn and relearn, building critical human strengths that drive all 3Qs  ideation-empathy-purpose/values.

Is it time to get out of the box?  Turn negativity around?  Become energized, empowered and solution focused?  Here Are Three Simple, Practical And Powerful Ways To Reset The Internal GPS!

1. Delete:  Delete an  energy stealer or inertia builder that is undermining your ability to transform challenges into solutions. Start right now by deleting one negative thought  that is not taking you forward.

2. Reboot: Stop the blame game,  let go of who did what, of who has what.  Reboot a better perspective by letting go of one thought that is causing you more pain than gain.  Let go, reboot and refocus on  a positive goal and intention that takes you forward.

3. Upload:  Take 2 minutes a day three times a day to be positive, to let go of any negative thoughts and beliefs.  Here is a simple but powerful exercise you can do almost anywhere.  An exercise that will help you build greater mindfulness, enhanced focus, improved resilience, ideation.  Schedule your day with blank time, time between meetings, time between commitments where you can simply recharge.  Science has documented the powerful benefits of blank time to cognition, health.

Negativity is a box that traps our potential; escaping the negativity box is critical.  The imperative to be relentlessly solution focused is written on the walls of our lives, organizations and society.  Negativity traps us in pattern of thinking and feeling that can keep us stuck in ways we cannot even begin to imagine. We inherit negative beliefs, we are taught negative beliefs, we create negative beliefs, and sometimes we just pick up negative beliefs from the good opinion of others or the plethora of fear based negative news that surrounds us. Mirror neurons transmit our negative feelings to others and their feelings to us.  We get stuck in a negative mindset which appeals to our reptilian brain, our most primal instincts, and clouds our ability to see opportunities, develop solutions and build an important bridge between what is and what can be.

Science now tells us that our brains are set to automatic negative; a default pattern from our days fighting predators in the cave.  A default pattern we need to reset, as it will not take us forward. Negativity that puts a lid on our greatest potential and erodes our sense of happiness and well-being. Negativity is an emotional virus that traps our potential, erodes our communication and collaboration, destroys our relationships and impacts our ability to find opportunities and solutions.

The imperative to reset the individual and organizational GPS is critical. Start now by taking three simple steps that can help you escape the negativity box.  Delete-Reboot-Upload!


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